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Altantuya Family’s Suit: Vicarious Liability Issue to Be Heard on Sept...

The Federal Court today fixed Sept 4 for lawyers representing Altantuya's family and the government to further address the issue of vicarious liability.

Man claims jewellery missing from dead Covid-19 patient, family given wrong body

A man filed a police report yesterday after jewellery belonging to his mother who died of Covid-19 went missing at Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban.

Court proposes Tony Pua, Najib settle suit amicably

The High Court today proposed that a suit filed by Tony Pua against Najib for alleged misfeasance in public office in relation to 1MDB funds be settled amicably.

Needy students can’t wait for Putrajaya’s free laptops

Questions are being asked over the government's promise to deliver 150,000 free laptops under Budget 2021.

Anwar files judicial review application to challenge govt decision over Emergency proclamation

Anwar Ibrahim has filed an application for leave to initiate judicial review to challenge the government’s decision in advising the King to declare an Emergency proclamation.

Don’t dream of being PM again, DAP rep tells Dr Mahathir

Dr Mahathir should stop “dreaming” about becoming prime minister for a third time and just leave Anwar Ibrahim alone.

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