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Wee Claims to Have More Dirt on RM99M Tourism Malaysia Contract

Wee claims to have more dirt on RM99 million Tourism Malaysia contract.

Tourism Malaysia Confirms MACC Conducted ‘Inquiry’ at Its Office

Tourism Malaysia confirms MACC conducted an 'inquiry' at its office.

Wee Firm on Claim, Tourism Malaysia Denies RM99M Deal Dubious

Wee Choo Keong firm on claim while Tourism Malaysia denies RM99 million deal was dubious.

Azmin’s New Party Hits Snag with RoS

Azmin Ali’s plan to form his own political party has hit a roadblock following delays in approval by the authorities.

Covid-19: 10 New Cases

Malaysia records 10 new positive cases of Covid-19 as of noon today, including seven imported cases involving Malaysians returning from Saudi Arabia.

BN Wins Big in Chini for First PN Polls Win

BN has won the Chini by-election with a 12,650-vote majority, handing the ruling PN coalition its first election victory since taking power in March.

Faizal Azumu Running for Bersatu Deputy President Post

Perak Bersatu chairman Ahmad Faizal Azumu confirms he will be running for the deputy president post in the upcoming party election.

Covid-19: 5 New Cases

Malaysia recorded only five new positive Covid-19 cases today to mark a five-day stretch for the country with single-digit new cases.

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