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Without Compensation, Justice Is Hollow

Many people are outraged whenever there are reports of deaths caused by drink-driving and they call for heavier penalties on those driving under the influence of alcohol.

Putrajaya’s Withdrawal to Finance Penang LRT – “Despicable Political Vendetta”

Government reversed the previous PH administration’s promise to guarantee the RM2.04 billion loan for Penang.

After Budget 2021 Fiasco, Grassroots Demand DAP Break Ties with PKR

DAP grassroots have urged the party to snub Anwar Ibrahim after the opposition leader’s failure to defeat Budget 2021.

PKR Youth Leader to DAP Youth Leader: Watch Your Words

A PKR Youth leader has warned his DAP counterparts against crossing the line after one of them demanded Anwar Ibrahim apologise for abandoning opposition.

Opposition MPs Frustrated, Regret Not Supporting Budget Bloc Voting

Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa is the latest PH lawmaker to express regret over not supporting bloc voting for the budget.

Police: Fraudsters Imitating Voices of Friends, Family Members to Deceive Victims

Imitating the voice of friends and family members is the latest tactic being used by online fraudsters to deceive their victims into lending them money.

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