Two Similar Sex Scandals, but Allegations Played Down This Time Around

Similar gay sex allegations against Anwar Ibrahim but allegations against Azmin Ali played down.

Oops…Here We Go Again

So what benefit is this gay sex scandal going to bring?

No Rationale for Offering Zakir Protection

I just want to know what others feel about the controversy surrounding Indian preacher Zakir Naik.

IGP: Corruption in Police Force a ‘Major Sin’, Must be Stamped Out

Eliminating elements of corruption is a priority and the first step in strengthening the police force, says IGP Abdul Hamid Bador.

Nonsense, Says Siti Kasim on PM’s Refusal to Extradite Zakir Naik

Vocal lawyer Siti Kasim has come out strongly against Dr Mahathir's decision not to deport Zakir Naik.

Report: The World’s Worst Stock Market Is Seeing Signs of Revival

The tide appears to be turning for Malaysian stocks as the biggest exodus of global funds since 2015 dissipates.

TMJ Earns Brickbats over Social Media Posting

TMJ earns brickbats over social media posting on everyone needing to know his place in society.

Is There More to Latheefa’s Appointment?

Why did Dr M not consult the Cabinet and remain so quiet about the appointment of Latheefa as the MACC chief.

Despite Criticism, Latheefa Vows to Charge Ahead and End Corruption

In her first message as chief commissioner of the MACC, Latheefa Koya today vowed to put an end to corruption in the country.

Bersih 2.0: Latheefa’s Appointment Highlights Structural Weaknesses in Government

Bersih criticises PM for his unilateral appointment of Latheefa to head MACC, saying the process displays signs of abuse of power.