Malaysian govt rakes in 1MDB fines whilst persecuting journalists who exposed the scandal

Spokesmen for the present administration have taken care to praise themselves for the latest settlements achieved from outfits like AmBank and Deloitte.

Where equality for all Malaysians actually stands

Lack of faith in one’s own nation

Experts scoff at PN’s national unity blueprint

Muhyiddin Yassin’s national unity blueprint 2021-2030 that aims to foster national integration will just become another piece of paper with no impact.

What law did PM use to approve Edmund’s overseas trip, ask groups

Civil society groups today questioned if there was a SOP which allowed the PM to approve an overseas trip for a deputy minister while the country was in lockdown.

Political experts trash Larry Sng’s reasons for leaving PKR

Political pundits have rubbished Julau MP Larry Sng’s official reasons for switching sides.

Failure to bring back Jho Low – Hisham never had any special relationship with...

On 22 October 2018, Hishammuddin Hussein boastfully said he will use his personal connections with Beijing to help to track down and repatriate Jho Low from China.

Be angry but vote at GE15, groups tell Malaysians on PN’s first anniversary

Malaysians might be cynical about having their votes stolen, but this must not stop them from continuing to seek changes.

HK actor Ng Man Tat dies of liver cancer

Hong Kong screen actor Ng Man Tat died at the Union Hospital in Hong Kong today.

Transgender rights group: Assigning 122 Islamic enforcers for Nur Sajat witchhunt overzealous

Justice for Sisters has labelled the Jais attempt to detain Nur Sajat as extreme.

Analysts predict what may happen when Parliament sits

A political analyst foresees the government’s majority support being challenged when the Dewan Rakyat reconvenes.