Zuraida, attend to your own backyard first before joining BN

Ampang is set to be Zuraida's Waterloo if she even dares to defend her seat!

Sarawak Report: More plea dealings with crooks?

Malaysians deserve to see the foreign crooks as well as local crooks who stole their money receive the punishment they deserve.

Working hours per week reduced from 48 to 45 starting Sept 1

The weekly working hours in Malaysia will be reduced from 48 to 45 hours effective this September 1.

RM6b LCS scandal

Corrupt fingerprints traced to Najib and crony Lodin, Zahid and Hisham.

Olivia Newton-John dead at age 73

Olivia Newton-John was a British-born, Australian-raised singer who became a global superstar in the US.

Dennis Ignatius: Mahathir’s last hurrah

Mahathir cannot or will not see that it is only by building a more inclusive society premised upon democracy and good governance that Malaysia can best secure its future.

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