Time for a more sustainable fuel subsidy policy

The current fuel subsidy mechanism is unfair and actually gives the lower income groups the raw end of the deal.

Dennis Ignatius’ open letter to Anwar

If Anwar steps down now, he will make it possible for us to dream again of building that better Malaysia that we all so desperately want.

Sarawak Report: Razak Baginda chickens out of giving evidence

Razak Baginda again declined to deny evidence under oath and cross-examination in a court of law – his chance to plead his innocence.

Dennis Ignatius on the Anwar-Najib debate: Just another Wayang Kulit show

The word fake was writ large over the Anwar-Najib debate.

Too little too late – Bank Negara raises interest rate to rescue tumbling ringgit...

Malaysia economy isn’t as rosy as the government was trumpeting.

Don’t let the generational end game end with execution flop

Generational End Game (GEG) Anti-Rokok 18 (Gegar-18) campaigns to drum in the message among schoolchildren, about the health hazards of smoking.

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