Why RM5 Menu Rahmah is brilliant

The most brilliant part of the programme is the indirect effect of lowering the cost of living due to competition.

Muhyiddin bringing back cow-condo scandal protégé Sharizat as Umno women chief

Very few knew that Muhyiddin was the Agriculture Minister who approved the dubious RM250m loans to Shahrizat in 2006 for the National Feedlot Corporation.

Dennis Ignatius: Nurul Izzah’s appointment – do principles matter?

Principles of good governance must be upheld without exception.

Bersatu could be deregistered after RM300m account frozen

Why Muhyiddin hid in London.

Why critics might have overreacted to Nurul Izzah’s appointment as economic advisor

The reason why Anwar wanted her daughter to be his adviser is because she is the most trustworthy person within the circle to offer him honest advice.

Why KJ’s sacking, Hisham’s suspension are long overdue

Sacked and suspended for betraying the party.

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