Kit Siang: Is Azam Baki living in ‘dreamland”?

Malaysians wonder whether Azam is fit to be MACC Chief Commissioner “to fight corruption without fear or favour”.

New ultra-low-cost carrier MYAirline

MYAirline may challenge AirAsia for dominance.

Azam’s position as MACC chief no longer tenable

Time that we make sure the Government actually listens to the voices of the people.

Dealing with motor insurance and floods

While it is prudent to include flood cover for comprehensive insurance, it is better to prevent vehicles from being flooded.

Mariam Mokhtar: What does being Malaysian mean for you?

It is always the politician, either those who wield power, or those who want to be in power, who have a problem with what it means to be Malaysian.

Mariam Mokhtar: This is how the Azam scandal brewed…and brewed…and brewed…

The man in charge of investigating corrupt acts, is himself implicated in dodgy dealings.

Time for the nation to undergo a political reset

We need a "really real" keluarga Malaysia and a true Bangsa Malaysia, not just rhetoric and nonsensical banter.

How Azam Baki’s half-baked story backfires and implicates him even more

It was so obvious that something was fishy when both Azam Baki and Abu Zahar played the roles as defender, prosecutor and judge within the four walls of MACC.

Why should we dip into retirement funds every time the incompetent govt screws up?

The poor financial position of EPF members today is the direct result of decades of structural problem due to bad policies.

The insistence of certain politicians to aggressively push for the Government to allow more...

The need to be more discerning about the motivations of those who allegedly champion the plight of the people.