Tian Chua: Video Mastermind Must Face Action

Tian Chua has asked the police to haul up the mastermind behind the distribution of the gay sex video which was intended to bring down Azmin Ali.

Kelantan Sultan Divorces Russian Wife

Kelantan Sultan divorces Russian wife one year after marrying.

TMJ and Wife Blessed with Third Child, a Boy

TMJ and his wife today welcomed their third bundle of joy.

Dewan Rakyat Creates History Passing Constitution Amendment Bill Through Bipartisanship

Federal Constitution amended to lower voting age to 18.

Why Waste Time on the Gay Sex Video?

There are more important issues to attend do than who masterminded the gay sex video.

Latheefa Vows No Kid Gloves for VIPs

VIPs will be treated the same as ordinary people when they are investigated by the MACC.

Grab: Expect Fewer Drivers, Higher Fares

Grab warned today that new e-hailing regulations may result in fewer active driver-partners and cause fares to go up.

Why Is Tun M So Reluctant to Make Anwar PM?

The whole Reformasi movement was what led to the downfall of BN.

Execution Binge in Singapore – Four Malaysian Convicts Facing the Noose

The large and sudden number of clemency rejections in Singapore described as “unprecedented and shocking”.

MAS Grounded by Greed and Incapable Leaders

Employees of MAS left to pay for all the plundering by past corrupt administrators.