Apple Daily HK Editorial: Uphold freedom of press with no regrets

Will cease operations as most employees have resigned following a police raid last week in a national security probe.

Report: More ‘fabricated texts’ alleging influence peddling by KL lawyers?

Troubling new set of apparent exchanges, purportedly involved Frode Stromo and Lim Chee Wee.

Playing race and religion cards again, Hadi is upset he could lose power before...

Whining and moaning about plotters trying to snatch power from him.

MPs and NGO: Regain ‘people power’ through recall elections

Experts are proposing recall elections, a process that would allow mid-term polls if politicians jump ship.

Top 10 messages that backdoor govt is game over

The Rulers were not in favour of rallying behind the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister.

Report: PN’s ‘fixer lawyers’ – how shocking does it get?

A major foreign firm with massive operations in Malaysia is entangled in a horribly embarrassing civil action.

Get ready for inflation – the next biggest economic fear after Covid-19

The trick is how to contain the inflationary pressure without damaging the economy.

Report: Where have Malaysia’s billion-dollar vaccine payments ended up?

The slower matters progress and the more money raised and spent, the longer the present PN government calculates it can stay in place.

Stop racial and religious provocations, avoid reckless actions and steer away from malicious agendas

The Harmony Cluster of the CSO Platform for Reform condemns the religiously motivated physical violence that took place in the form of a brawl in Sungai Way.

We are much worse from where we started

The results seem to indicate that we have been taking one step forward followed by two steps backwards.