Sheila Majid: Wait for Investigation to Be Completed

Sheila Majid says she will only come out with a statement once the investigation has been completed.

Need for EPF Withdrawal Shows Sad State of Economy, Policies

The need for EPF contributors to withdraw savings in order to survive the pandemic is a grim reflection of the state of the economy and the government’s policies.

Has PH Crossed the Rubicon?

I write to express my utter disappointment with PH's failure to stand up and be counted, literally.

Najib Opposes Borrowing Money to Help People but He Borrowed Till National Debts Hit...

When a crook like Najib Razak proposes something, just do the opposite and it should be the best solution.

Mariam Mokhtar: Do You Know When Malaysia Became So Intolerant?

This country is going through a massive cultural change.

Big Changes in Store for Travel Business

It is better to venture into other fields or go into suspended animation, reactivating the travel business only when tourism recovers fully in 2024.

Failure to Defeat Budget 2021

With a leader like the confused and indecisive Anwar, who needs enemies?

P Ramakrishnan: Defeating the Budget – Why Not Now? Why Later?

If PH cannot succeed at the policy stage, how definite is PH that on 17 December it will not fail to defeat the Budget.

Religious Group: Banning Liquor Unconstitutional

The government should look at regulating the sale of liquor instead of imposing a blanket ban.

P Ramasamy: How to Move Forward, Given Budget 2021 Imbroglio?

PKR president and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim might not have risen to the occasion in either defeating or mounting opposition to the Budget 2021.