The end of Mahathir’s trick, legacy, political journey

Mahathir can’t fool all the people all the time.

Dennis Ignatius: Hadi throws down the gauntlet

PAS is pushing Malaysia towards a more rigid, more conservative religious milieu as part of its strategy to transform Malaysia into a theocratic state.

Opposition flaming racial riots

Why Anwar should consider Operasi Lalang 2 to neutralise all religious extremists.

From stealing wife to govt money to soliciting bribes

The corruption charges slapped on Muhyiddin are the low-hanging fruit ready to be picked by the MACC as all evidence is still fresh and available.

Mariam Mokhtar: Hadi and Mahathir – the odd couple…they make strange bedfellows

These two men will never admit that their divisive policies, and their use of race and religion have failed.

How Muhyiddin fled to London and almost never returned

Like Najib, the arrogant Muhyiddin was over-confident of winning the 15th General Election on Nov 2022.

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