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A Peek into Secretive North Korea

With the murder of Kim Jong-Nam, The True Net's top story brings you the little-known secrets of North Korea.

Isaac Foreword

Rev Dr Henry Pillai's foreword from My Isaac to the Lord.

Isaac Introduction

Datin Rosemary Eravelly's introduction of My Isaac to the Lord.

Avoid Cupid’s Poison Arrow

Think with your head, not your heart and be aware of the tricks up the rogue Romeo's sleeves.

The Amazing Way a Homeless Man Spent a $100 Gift

Watch a video experiment by YouTuber Josh Paler Lin which reveals a surprise that warms the heart.

R Radar: Real, Really?, Rubbish

R Radar assesses news as 'real', a quizzical 'really?', and 'rubbish'.

Hold on Tightly to Your ‘Powerful’ Malaysian Passport

Passport Index 2017 ranks the Malaysian Passport fifth for the high level of travel freedom for Malaysians.

Living to Tell of Close Encounter with Great White Shark

The amazing footage of a kitesurfer virtually at the jaws of a Great White shark stalker on the Western Australian coast.

Did the Pope Really Call Trump a Hypocrite?

Social media abuzz about the Pope calling out Trump for being an intolerant racist for his immigration policy.

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Call them fake news, hoaxes, myths, urban legends, propaganda or what you fancy, much of the news out there is just lies.

My Isaac to the Lord: Synopsis

My Isaac to the Lord is a powerful testimony of miracles from life-and-death trials in Malaysia.

Anne Ng: What I Do

Anne Ng, Christian, Malaysian, former Lecturer, Author, Editor and Publisher founded The True Net to propagate the truth and justice.

Maid abuser, mother, husband facing charges over maid’s death

The prosecution said that the case was “especially heinous and especially horrific” and is seeking life imprisonment for Gaiyathiri.

Shariah Judiciary Dept says no power to prosecute Indonesian woman in apostasy case

JKSM does not have the authority to prosecute an apostasy offence involving an Indonesian woman because the offence was allegedly committed outside the country.

Police: Tiger Woods lucky to be alive after car crash

Tiger Woods is lucky to be alive after first responders rescued the golfing legend from a grisly wreck.

No need school uniforms until March 26

Pupils will be permitted to wear everyday clothes to school when it reopens for the 2021 academic year.

Tengku Razaleigh: Agong can set date to reconvene Parliament without PM’s advice

The Agong does not require advice from the prime minister to call a sitting in Parliament.

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