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Covid-19: 13 New Cases

Malaysia recorded 13 new Covid-19 cases as of Sunday (Aug 9), bringing total infections in the country to 9,083.

Covid-19: 25 New Cases

The Covid-19 Sivagangga Cluster recorded 12 new cases today, including 10 in Perlis and one in Penang.

Covid-19: 15 New Cases

The Health Ministry today reported 15 new cases of Covid-19, including 10 local transmission cases and five that are imported.

Covid-19: Just One New Case

Malaysia recorded only one new Covid-19 case today, bringing the country’s total number of cases to 9,002.

Covid-19: Two New Cases

Two positive Covid-19 cases were reported today, both local transmissions involving Malaysians.

Ismail Sabri: Police Will Cancel Fines Issued to Those Not Wearing...

The police will be cancelling fines issued to those who were found to not be wearing face masks in private vehicles.

Covid-19: 14 New Cases

Another 14 Covid-19 positive cases, 13 of them being local transmissions, were reported in the country today.

Covid-19: 9 New Cases

Nine new Covid-19 infections today only involved two local transmissions.

Covid-19: 1 New Cases

Malaysia today recorded eight new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of infections to 8,964 cases.

Covid-19: 13 New Cases

Malaysia continues to record new Covid-19 cases in the double-digit with 13 reported as of noon.

Sugu Pavithra to Make Comeback

The couple expected to be back on air today.

Covid-19: 13 New Cases

Malaysia today reported one death from Covid-19, for a national death toll of 124.

Covid-19: 23 New Cases

The number of new Covid-19 positive cases in the country continues to rise, with 23 cases reported today compared to 21 yesterday.

Guan Eng Leaves MACC After 7 Hours, to Return Again Tomorrow

After nearly eight hours, former finance minister Lim Guan Eng finally has left the MACC headquarters.

Covid-19: 21 New Cases

A total of 21 new Covid-19 cases were reported to the Health Ministry over the past 24 hours, bringing the cumulative tally of infections in the country to 8,861.

Dennis Ignatius: Sabah Voters Must Punish the Frogs

Frogs are in politics only for what they can get; the people be damned.

Siti Kasim: Of ‘Frogs’, Sabah and Changing Malaysian Politics

The choice facing Sabah voters, between a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, progressive Sabah and those who jumped to support a Malay-first, Peninsula-imported character of politics.

Chin Tong: Charge Against Guan Eng to Counteract Najib’s Conviction

Lim Guan Eng was charged on Friday for allegedly soliciting bribes because PN wanted to “equalise” it with Najib's conviction.

Mariam Mokhtar: Why Are We So Lenient with the Felon Najib?

Law enforcers have been lax in their efforts to make Najib respect the court.

Kit Siang: The Lesson from the New Political Persecution of Guan Eng, Betty Chew

After 55 years in Malaysian politics fighting for a better Malaysia, Kit Siang was inclined to take a back seat, but it was not to be.

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