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Ex-German Banker Planned Tours for Men to Have Sex with Young...

An ex-German banker planned tours for men to have sex with young girls in Singapore.

Veteran Trio May Be Sacked from Umno

The veteran trio of Rafidah Aziz, Rais Yatim and Daim Zainuddin may be sacked from Umno.

Culprit Who Viralled False News of Bangladeshi Phantom Voters with Blue...

The culprit who viralled false news of Bangladeshi phantom voters with blue caps on to be arrested.

Pakatan To ‘Fix’ Billboard with Pokemon Sticker

Pakatan to 'fix' billboard with Pokemon sticker.

Tun Daim Says UMNO Is Illegal Party, Vows To Fight for...

Tun Daim says UMNO is an illegal party and vows to fight for justice.

Najib Announces 5 Labour Day Gifts for Workers

Najib announces five Labour Day gifts for workers.

Dr M: Najib the Biggest Mistake of My Life

Dr Mahathir says the biggest mistake of his life is choosing Najib as prime minister.

Sarawak Report To Pay RM155K to Hadi over Defamation Suit

Sarawak Report to pay RM155,000 to Hadi over defamation suit.

Rectify It by Wednesday or See You in Court, Streram Tells...

Streram tells the Election Commission to rectify not registering him as a candidate by Wednesday or face legal action.

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Homeless Because of ‘Homophobic Parents’

Jackie Chan's estranged daughter claims she is homeless because of her 'homophobic parents'.

5-Star Award for EC Head Hashim in Bersih’s ‘Hall of Shame’

5-Star Award for EC Head Hashim in Bersih's 'Hall of Shame'.

Najib Announces RM500 Special Aid Each for DRB-Hicom Employees

Najib announces RM500 special aid each for DRB -Hicom employees.

High Court Throws Out Bid by 16 To Declare Umno Illegal

The High Court has thrown out a bid by 16 former Umno members to declare the party illegal.

Joseph Kurup Not Contesting in GE14, Passing Political Baton to Son

Joseph Kurup will not be contesting in GE14 but will be passing the political baton to his son Arthur.

PKR’s Adam Rosly Sentenced to 6 Months’ Jail, Fined RM30K

PKR's Adam Rosly has been sentenced to six months' jail and fined RM30,000 for giving false statements to MACC.

PN Mulling Confidence and Supply Deal with Opposition

The Perikatan Nasional government has mooted a confidence and supply agreement with opposition lawmakers to support Budget 2021.

Not Going to Be Easy for the Rulers at Their Emergency Meeting

The question before the Rulers at their emergency conference is to prioritise what is the most important matter in this trying and difficult time.

Ku Li: Emergency Will Be ‘Final Nail’ for Country’s Battered Economy

Emergency 'final nail' for country's battered economy.

Covid-19: Whopping 1,228 New Cases

Malaysia recorded its highest spike of new Covid-19 cases in a day today, breaking the four-digit barrier with 1,228 cases.

Tommy Thomas: Declaring Emergency Would Be Unconstitutional

A proclamation of emergency under Article 150 of the federal constitution has tremendous negative consequences.

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