Anne Ng: What I Do

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My name is Anne Ng. I am a Christian, Malaysian, and Editor cum Publisher by profession. Prior to venturing into publishing in 1998, I was an English lecturer and author of English academic books.

God touched my life in a profound way in 1997. My testimony is published in a book entitled My Isaac to the Lord.

The True Net is a very personal project for me. It was birthed in distressing times where I saw how ugly and fake the world has become.

Broken trust, betrayal, self-centeredness, lack of accountability and responsibility, hypocrisy, intimidation, oppression, and apathy to decency are the rule of the day. Nothing seems to be real anymore, least of all news!

Gone are the days of the gentleman’s handshake, keeping promises, honesty being the best policy, walking the talk, and doing the right thing. I am not nostalgic of the eras gone by, for I am mindful of an ever-evolving world as it’s part of my job to keep pace with the changing times. But it sickens me the extent humanity has digressed to a state of what was once bad is now acceptable! We have become so desensitised by deceit, falsehood, corruption and double-talk.

“Everybody lies”, the famous credo of Dr Gregory House of the television medical drama House, is accepted as a fact today. So, we are no longer surprised when people don’t honour their words. Recall the politicians’ promises on the campaign trail?

The twisting and turning of words have become so commonplace, and so callously dismissed as having been “misquoted”, “misinterpreted”, or “misunderstood”.

Corruption is tolerated as long as it’s not too blatant.

Then there are those who hide behind a mask, the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing. They say what tickles our ears and then do the opposite. These are often the elites who make use and take advantage of the gullible.

Then there are the masses – so quick to share false and negative news, adding their two cents’ worth of malice and slander. Ignorance and fear of ridicule and reprisal stop decent folks from actually doing some good to counter wrongdoing.

It is a fact that many people do not bother or have no time to validate the news they have access to, and often take what they read, watch or hear at face value. Validating news can be mind-boggling, with so much of information and misinformation out there.

That was how the idea of The True Net took root – to take the chore out of validating news for our audience so that they are better informed.

Most importantly, to do what I can to make a difference in shaping a better world.

My views are through the lens of my faith. My values are driven by God’s guiding principles of truth, justice, goodness and love.

When dealing with life-changing and soul-searching issues, it’s all about substance in communication – by way of delivering authentic and edifying content that enriches the mind and nourishes the soul. That is what I hope to achieve with The True Net.

I pray that The True Net will be a blessing to those who visit and follow us. To God be the glory!