Isaac Introduction

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By Datin Rosemary Eravelly, author of English academic books

This is a heart-warming story of faith and courage in the midst of a life-and-death crisis.

When little Nicole’s life hung by a thread and her mother Anne finally came to a point where she had exhausted all efforts yet could not see a glimmer of hope, she looked upwards and there she found the answer to all her tears and prayers.

The Lord had been waiting patiently for her to come to Him for He is the author and finisher of our faith. He had given her Nicole as a gift – a child who inevitably brought Anne closer to God than ever before. Nicole was going to change the lives of all those at home and around her.

Anne’s anger and frustration at her own helpless­ness were replaced by a wonderful sense of peace the Lord gave her. He asked her to trust Him completely. Anne learned to obey and yielded Nicole to the Lord as a ‘sacri­fice’.

“Let your will be done” was her prayer and Anne’s submission was rewarded beyond anything she expected. The Lord performed miracle after miracle in the baby’s body. She was completely healed by Jesus. The doctors were astounded at her recovery. Nicole is today an ener­getic, determined and confident little girl. Praise the Lord.

This story is a wonderful testimony to the Lord’s compassion. Jesus hears and answers the prayers of the afflicted. If we walk in trust and obedience to the Lord, He will answer the cry of our hearts.

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