My Isaac to the Lord: Synopsis

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A personal account of real-life experiences, My Isaac to the Lord was first published in 2001. The book will be published here in instalments.

The Testimony

My Isaac to the Lord is not a book of a single miracle but many astounding miracles that still happen in this day and age, everywhere including in Malaysia. It is a true story told in the way that it happened. As you read this testimony, it is hoped that you will draw inspiration and strength from it for that is the very reason why Anne and Nicole had to endure their heavy crosses.

The Author

Anne Ng is a Malaysian and the editor of a publishing company. A layperson, she has found peace and salvation in God and hopes to serve Him in obedience to His every wish. Hers is a simply-told story of a complex tapestry of trials and tribulations, of triumphs and victories.

The Protagonist

Nicole, Anne’s child, was born with a fatal liver condition. She was given not more than two years to live by doctors. But God touched her life in a profound way, bringing healing to her body and her mother’s soul. Born imperfect, made whole by a loving God, Nicole is destined to do His work.

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