Here’s why it took 4 years to expose 1MDB scandal, Justo...

Justo explained why there was a four-year gap between his resignation from PetroSaudi and approaching the media with evidence on the 1MDB scandal.

Court orders Anwar to file defence in sexual assault case by...

The High Court today ordered Anwar Ibrahim to file his statement of defence in response to a suit filed by Yusoff Rawther.

Zahid’s trial: Defence claims funds were ‘donations’, not from illegal activities

According to his lawyer, Zahid, on most occasions, did not know or had any nexus with the owners of the cheques.

Court of Appeal dismisses Najib and son’s appeal on tax suit

A three-member bench unanimously dismissed the appeals brought by Najib and his son in connection with the IRB’s suit.

Najib demands Muhyiddin answer ‘rumour’ about court meddling

Najib has sent a legal letter to Muhyiddin demanding the latter to answer about an allegation concerning Najib and his ongoing criminal trials.

Nizar Najib withdraws appeal in RM13m tax case

Nizar Najib has withdrawn his appeal against a high court decision to allow summary judgment over his non-payment of tax arrears.

Why wait 4 years before releasing ‘evidence’, Najib fires back at...

Najib today questioned if Xavier Andre Justo was indeed a whistleblower.

Najib: Tommy Thomas must address concerns over dropped charges against ex-Felda...

Najib has called on Tommy Thomas to answer concerns raised by Abu Zahar Ujang over the recent corruption charges against Noor Ehsanuddin that were dropped.

Court of Appeal dismisses Najib’s appeal to disqualify Sri Ram in...

Gopal Sri Ram continues to lead the prosecution team in Najib Razak’s court cases linked to the 1MDB scandal.

AG to appeal ruling that govt can’t forfeit RM192m given by...

The government will appeal against a decision that dismissed the government’s forfeiture of RM192.9 million supposedly originating from 1MDB,

Zahid’s trial: Defence claims prosecution failed to prove CBT charges against...

The prosecution failed to provide any elements of dishonesty in Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to commit CBT.

Zahid’s daughter warned about Instagram post on her father’s trial

Zahid Hamidi’s daughter was this morning reprimanded by the judge over her online posting on her father’s ongoing corruption case.

MACC: Azeez not freed of corruption charges yet, trial still ongoing

Abdul Azeez has not been freed of corruption and money laundering charges and the trial of the case is still ongoing.

Wan Junaidi: Agong consents to not holding confidence vote in Parliament...

The Agong has consented to Ismail Sabri not undergoing a vote of confidence in Parliament

Lawyer claims corruption charges against Azeez defective, groundless

Azeez's lawyer claimed that none of the corruption charges as well as the money laundering charges would stand in any court of law.

Zahid’s trial: Why donation made with cash instead of cheques, judge asks defence counsel?

Why donation made with cash instead of cheques is unknown as the investigators did not carry out a probe on this.

Zahid’s trial: Defence claims 27 money laundering charges politically motivated, wants full acquittal

Zahid Hamidi should be acquitted and discharged of the 27 money laundering charges.

Anwar on new deal with govt: It’s an MoU, not CSA

Anwar Ibrahim stressed that their newly-inked agreement with the government led by Ismail Sabri was a MoU and not a CSA.

Part of historic MoU’s reforms to be carried out immediately

Anwar Ibrahim's role as Opposition Leader received an immediate boost following the signing of the MoU.

Anwar explains why PH accepted Ismail Sabri’s offer but not Muhyiddin’s

PH agreed to sign a deal with Ismail Sabri as the prime minister was ready to negotiate with them on political stability and transformation.

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