Police: Fraudsters Imitating Voices of Friends, Family Members to Deceive Victims

Imitating the voice of friends and family members is the latest tactic being used by online fraudsters to deceive their victims into lending them money.

Anwar Refutes Claims He Will Quit as PH Chairman on Failure...

Anwar Ibrahim has refuted reports claiming that he will quit as PH Council chairman if he failed to secure a majority in Parliament.

Hishammuddin: Wisma Putra Can Help Bring Jho Low Back if Police...

The Foreign Ministry can play a role in bringing back Jho Low if the police are able to provide his exact whereabouts in China.

Police Have Reopened Investigations into Beng Hock’s Death

The PDRM have reopened investigations into the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

Model’s Mum Files Suit Against IGP, Govt over Death Probe

The mother of the late Dutch model Ivana Smit has filed a lawsuit against the police and the Malaysian government.

PH MPs to Zahid: Explain Foreign Workers’ ‘Special Approvals’

Over half a million "special approvals" were issued between 2016 and 2018 for foreign workers' admission into the country.

Nora Anne Inquest: Body Found with Scratch Marks, Insect Bites

Nora Anne Quoirin’s body showed no serious injuries.

Still Ongoing: Investigations into Tabung Haji’s Alleged Mismanagement from 2018 Police,...

The authorities are still investigating the alleged mismanagement of Muslim pilgrim savings fund Tabung Haji.

PAC Finds Loopholes in Foreign-Worker System

Government processes for the recruitment of migrant workers have been severely compromised.

Ex-Goldman Banker Roger Ng Says He Warned Bosses About Jho Low,...

Ng blames Goldman's doing business with Low on his former boss, Tim Leissner, an ex-Goldman banker who he says is a central figure in the scheme.

Wee Ka Siong: If I’m Found to Be Lying, I Will...

A war of words ensued between Wee Ka Siong and Anthony Loke during the winding-up of the 2021 Budget for the ministry at the Dewan Rakyat.

Nora Anne Inquest: Few Broken Fences, but No Burglary, Intruder at...

The Dusun Resort former manager, Helen Todd today told the Seremban Coroner’s Court that the resort was a safe place.

Union Slams News Report for Giving Civil Service Clerks a Bad...

The Amalgamated Union of Employees in Government Clerical and Allied Services slammed a news portal for misidentifying a civil servant as a clerk.

Two Senior Army Officers Charged with RM1 Million CBT

Two senior army officers were charged at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today with CBT involving funds of about RM1 million, four years ago.

Immigration Scandal: Why Was Someone with a Criminal Record Appointed to...

Investigators are baffled as to how individuals with criminal records are able to enter the civil service.

Umno VP Khaled Nordin Tells Bersatu’s Saifuddin: Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

Khaled Nordin today took a veiled jab at Bersatu.

Chin Tong: Azmin Had Been Scheming Since October 2019

Former PH allies Azmin Ali and Hamzah Zainuddin had plotted the replacement of DAP and Amanah MPs with lawmakers from other parties from October 2019.

Need for EPF Withdrawal Shows Sad State of Economy, Policies

The need for EPF contributors to withdraw savings in order to survive the pandemic is a grim reflection of the state of the economy and the government’s policies.

10 Gombak Residents File Suit Against Azmin Ali for “Deceiving Constituents”

Ten Gombak voters have filed a civil suit against their MP Azmin Ali for breaching his fiduciary duty and representations to his constituents.

Vote Counters, Sergeants-at-Arms Tally Votes During Bloc Voting

The Dewan Rakyat has approved the RM476.67 million allocation for the Plantation Industries and Commodity Ministry.

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