Lawyer Tells Pathologists Not to Get Defensive, Just be Honest over...

A lawyer tells pathologists not to get defensive but just be honest over controversial deaths.

Hundreds of ‘Lopsided’ Contracts Unfavorable to the Govt Signed During BN’s...

Hundreds of 'lopsided' contracts unfavourable to the government were signed during Barisan Nasional's time.

‘Billion Dollar Whale’ Claims Jho Low “Craved Recognition” More Than Sex

'Billion Dollar Whale' claims Jho Low "craved recognition" more than sex.

Kit Siang Tells IGP to Quit for Failing to Put Jho...

Lim Kit Siang tells the IGP to quit for failing to put Jho Low on the Interpol Red Notice List.

Cops Raid House of Najib’s Mother, Came Away Empty-Handed

Cops raided the house of Najib's mother when he was being charged in court.

Najib Slapped with 25 Charges, Total of 32 Since July, Granted...

Najib slapped with 25 charges, making a total of 32 since July, and was granted RM3.5 million bail.

Daim Allegedly Threatened Mustapa – Quit or Face Charges

Lokman Noor Adam has accused Daim Zainuddin of threatening Mustapa Mohamed with court charges.

Rela Lodges MACC Report: Rela Man’s Withdrawal of ‘Datuk Seri’ Assault...

Rela lodges a report with the MACC against one of its own officers for withdrawing an assault case against a 'Datuk Seri'.

WSJ Reporters Want Allegedly Cash-Rich Jho Low Jailed

WSJ reporters want 'Beijing-protected' Jho Low jailed.

Najib to be Detained Overnight, to be Charged over RM2.6B Tomorrow

Najib to be detained overnight and to be charged over RM2.6 billion tomorrow.

It was Three Years of Our Lives, Tom Wright Tells Jho...

Tom Wright tells Jho Low it took three years off their lives to write the book.

“Totally Untrue” Report on Tommy Thomas’ Resignation

"Totally untrue" report on Tommy Thomas' resignation causes a stir.

‘Sex Predator’ Doctor Suspended Two Months

The 'sex predator' doctor has been suspended for two months to allow for investigations.

Jho Low Proclaims Innocence on New Site

Jho Low proclaims innocence on new site.

PI Bala’s Widow to Haul Shafee, Baling MP to Court for...

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim will be hauled to court by the widow of a private investigator for alleged contempt of court.




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