Zahid’s acquittal: Judge cannot imagine what envelope could fit SG$600k

A crucial element missing from the prosecution's case against Zahid was how the money was delivered.

1MDB trial: Najib earned more than RM1.25 million in interest alone

Najib generated more than a million ringgit as interest earnings from AmBank for funds in his personal bank account.

Report: No special treatment for Najib in Kajang prison

Najib is not getting any special treatment in Kajang Prison.

Prosecution wraps up 1MDB audit report case

The prosecution in the 1MDB audit tampering case has wrapped up its case.

Prison Dept: Rumour Najib placed in house on prison grounds untrue

The Prison Department has refuted rumours that Najib was not being held in a jail cell in serving his 12-year prison sentence for misappropriation of funds.

Azeez makes fresh bid to get remaining corruption, money laundering charges...

After failing to strike out three corruption and six money laundering charges at the Court of Appeal, Azeez has made another representation to the AGC.

Journalists: Jho Low used wife as front for bank accounts, yacht...

Even as investigators around the world were intensifying the hunt for Jho Low in 2018, the fugitive was still able to move money and enjoy the high life thanks to his wife.

DPP: Zahid cannot use selective prosecution as defence

Zahid cannot use selective prosecution as a defence in his bribery case in connection to the government’s award of a foreign visa system (VLN) contract.

Azeez to face nine charges, freed on four money-laundering charges

Azeez Abdul Rahim failed in his appeal at the Court of Appeal to strike out his three corruption and six money laundering charges.

Bung Moktar and wife to enter defence

The couple will be giving sworn evidence from the witness box.

Rosmah no fool, clever and wily

Rosmah was no fool; she was far too clever and wily to make the demands of bribery totalling millions in the RM1.25 billion solar hybrid project in Sarawak herself.

US bankruptcy proceedings initiated against 1MDB-linked firms

Liquidators have initiated Chapter 15 bankruptcy proceedings in the US involving a slew of entities linked to the money trail of the embezzlement at 1MDB.

Ten years’ jail, RM970m fine for Rosmah

The High Court has sentenced Rosmah Mansor to 10 years jail for each charge, and the prison time is ordered to run concurrently from the date of judgment.

Timeline of events on the afternoon of Rosmah’s graft trial verdict

Rosmah cries while addressing court while her counsel suggests a prison time of one day.

Rafizi: Bersatu in panic mode because one of their ministers linked...

A thorough police investigation should be conducted on all parties over the LCS scandal.

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