New scam using utility bills

The police have detected a new criminal tactic by a fraud syndicate that deceives victims by manipulating the utility bill payment system.

MACC arrests 2 DOs, contractor over housing projects worth millions

The MACC has arrested two former local council presidents for allegedly receiving bribes from a contractor and housing developer in their respective areas.

Guan Eng: AG’s silence in Syed Saddiq’s case proves PN arm-twisting

The silence over the delay in charging Syed Saddiq with abuse of political funds proves PN's arm-twisting ways to get more support for the prime minister

Tengku Adnan blames Dr M for his corruption trial

Tengku Adnan blamed Dr Mahathir for setting up the charges.

Syed Saddiq: RM1 million was for constituencies under Bersatu

The RM1 million withdrawn from a Bersatu account was used to deliver aid to parliamentary constituencies under the party.

Syed Saddiq: Don’t be intimidated by PN

Syed Saddiq has called on other lawmakers not to be intimidated by the Perikatan Nasional government and its threats.

Fake news: Viral video on travel permission for those fully vaccinated

The Health Ministry has denied a video excerpt that showed as if the government has given permission for interstate and inter-district travel for the vaccinated.

Shafee under self-quarantine, trial postponed to next month

Shafee Abdullah's trial will continue on Aug 27 at the High Court.

AGC files appeal against Tengku Adnan’s acquittal

The prosecution has filed an appeal to the Federal Court against the Court of Appeal’s majority decision to acquit Tengku Adnan.

RM2m exceeds election spending limits, NGO C4 points out after court...

This is after the Court of Appeal ruled that the RM2 million that Tengku Adnan received in 2016 was a political donation for two by-elections.

Appeal court overturns Tengku Adnan’s corruption conviction

Court of Appeal acquits and discharges Tengku Adnan over RM2 million graft charges - a decision the prosecution may appeal to the Federal Court.

Dr Mahathir: Azmin not my PM candidate

Dr Mahathir yesterday clarified that Azmin Ali was not part of his future prime minister candidates' list.

Guan Eng’s corruption trial: Contractor outscored other candidates in open tender...

CZBUCG was chosen to lead the RM6.3 billion Penang undersea tunnel and roads project after it outscored seven other companies through an open tender process.

RCI set up to probe Tabung Haji issues

Putrajaya has formed a royal commission of inquiry to probe management and operation issues faced by Tabung Haji from 2014 to 2020.

Guan Eng’s corruption trial: Witness testified that Guan Eng directed him...

A former Penang exco today said he had been instructed by Guan Eng to work with the Beijing Urban Construction Group from day one.

Covid-19: With 15,902 cases, highest daily record

This marks the second time that the number of daily cases breached the 15,000 mark after yesterday when 15,573 cases were recorded.

Despite announcement of more benefits contract doctors’ strike will go on

Unhappy with Putrajaya’s offer, up to 5,000 doctors expected to go on strike on Monday.

DAP: Include Rafidah, Jomo in National Recovery Council

Lim Guan Eng has called for Rafidah Aziz and Jomo Kwame Sundaram to be also appointed to the government’s National Recovery Council.

Speaker rejects Anwar’s motion to debate Emergency laws for submitting too early, among other...

Speaker Azhar has rejected Anwar's motion to debate the Emergency ordinances.

Opposition MPs: MACC must reveal how Rina Harun raised funds to pay debt

Five opposition MPs have urged the MACC to reveal the findings of its probe into Rina Harun managing to settle a million-ringgit debt.

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