“Gambling Funds” Used to Sponsor 3 Police Trips from 2012-2014

The Totalisator Board had sponsored three police trips overseas during the Najib-administration.

PM: Putrajaya to Study Need for RCI into Judicial Misconduct

A day after an explosive affidavit went viral, creating an uproar, the noise calling for an RCI into judicial crimes is getting louder.

Mujahid Tells Nik Abduh: A Lie is a Lie

Mujahid has described the admission by Nik Abduh who had previously denied that it was his voice in an audio recording of Umno’s contributions to PAS, as having no principles.

Adib Inquest: Group Helped Injured Fireman

A bystander at the scene of the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple riot told an inquest that he saw a group of men assisting Adib who appeared to be in pain.

Degree Disgrace

Johor MB now admits he never completed his studies.

Ex-Goldman Banker Roger Ng Gives Up Fight Against Extradition to US

Roger Ng agrees to be extradited to US.

Brave COA Judge’s Explosive Affidavit: Top Judges Tainted

Fears for Hamid’s safety following explosive affidavit, calls for added protection by government.

Da Ma Cai-Sponsored Police Trip to Turkey Approved During BN Era

Lim Guan Eng today shot back at an Umno leader over remarks linked to Da Ma Cai sponsorship of a police working trip overseas, saying it was approved by the BN government.

Rosmah Has 7 Days to Confirm Whereabouts of Consignment from Jeweller

The onus on Rosmah, not the jeweller, to prove whereabouts of jewellery and also not the duty of police to prove existence of goods.

Nik Abduh: Told to Lie About Recording on Funds from Umno

Justifying his lie, Nik Abduh says denial of audio recording done with Hadi's “blessings” and father Nik Aziz also “lied” too to protect party...

RM323M Socso Land Deal Under Scrutiny

A land deal worth RM323 million by Socso in March last year is being scrutinised by the Human Resources Ministry.

Gaming Company Funded Top Cops’ Anti-Online Gambling Turkey Trip

Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun and his delegation’s study trip paid for by lottery operator.

No Open Tender, RM2 Firm Got Forest Contract Through Directors’ “Vast...

A letter stating that the Perak state government had approved the permit for a forest plantation development project during the committee meeting held in November had gone viral.

Indira Wants Cops to Reveal Status of Search for Missing Daughter

M Indira Gandhi has urged the IGP to make public the status of the search for her daughter Prasana Diksa.

Ex-Kota Tinggi MP Faces Another 14 Graft Charges

Datuk Noor Ehsanuddin Mohd Harun Narrashid today claimed trial to 14 charges of receiving around RM23,540 in bribes for his monthly vehicle instalments




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