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Jho Low told banker to keep Prince Saud’s letters confidential

Saudi prince’s ‘donation’ letters to be shown to Bank Negara’s Zeti, but not for her to keep.

MACC officers to meet Raja Petra over LCS project allegation

Graft investigators will meet blogger Raja Petra by next week over his allegation on the LCS project.

Rafizi: Businessman with past links to Saddam Hussein involved in MySejahtera,...

Rafizi also claimed the businessman to have family ties to a former Malaysian prime minister.

Aide: ‘Agreement’ backing Zahid as PM fake

The agreement bears the signature of candidates, Zahid and Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan.

MACC wants to meet Raja Petra over Zahid’s LCS kickback claims

Zahid accused of corruption, abuse of power and money laundering in relation to the procurement of the LCS project while he served as minister.

Hisham: Candidates asked to sign letters pledging allegiance to BN, not...

It is untrue that Zahid had demanded that BN candidates sign a letter giving him the mandate to choose who would be in the cabinet if the coalition wins GE15.

Zahid denies he made BN candidates sign pledge to back him...

Zahid today denied that candidates for the BN coalition in GE15 had to sign letters to support him to be the prime minister.

NRD: Rumours that many Bangladeshis given MyKad untrue

The NRD has dismissed rumours that many Bangladeshis have been issued identity cards ahead of GE15.

Guan Eng trial: Gnanaraja’s cheating case classified as NFA

The investigation paper of the cheating case against G Gnanaraja linked to the RM6.3 billion Penang Undersea Tunnel project has been classified as NFA.

Authors of 1MDB book: Jho Low controls US$333m company in China

The company may be one of the places where Jho Low has money that originated from 1MDB.

DPP: Najib’s lawyers’ stubborn insistence for an adjournment of SRC appeal...

The prosecution has contended that Najib's counsel was complacent in the Federal Court appeal of his RM42 million SRC corruption case.

AmBank’s ex-MD: Jho Low introduced me to Najib at then-PM’s house

Cheah was at Najib’s house to help him open a personal account with AmIslamic Bank.

1MDB trial: Prosecution to call Zeti to answer allegations Jho Low...

Defence claimed Low was a frequent visitor to Zeti’s house.

1MDB trial: Judge ticks off Najib’s lawyers over delay in cross-examination

Court can’t keep waiting for Shafee.

Raja Petra uploads alleged Special Task Force report allegations made in...

Special Task Force report allegations made in Tommy Thomas' book

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