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Syed Saddiq’s mum: MACC told me to get my son to...

Syed Saddiq had reminded his parents to be careful as MACC would “go after them”.

Khairy denies receiving RM3.7m from UKSB

Khairy said he had not received any payments by UKSB.

Prosecution to prove Syed Saddiq’s offences malicious, dishonest

Syed Saddiq facing four charges of CBT, misappropriation of funds and money laundering.

Court acquits Samirah, 2 teens of Cradle Fund CEO’s murder

Judge agreed with the prosecution that the murder was premeditated and the house was set on fire deliberately.

1MDB trial: Huge foreign currency deposits in Najib’s accounts

Najib received US$61m and £9.46m in his personal bank accounts in 2013 and 2014 through overseas transactions from a company linked to Jho Low.

Anifah denies receiving money from UKSB

Anifah claims he didn’t even know of the company and the people involved.

Dr M: Bersatu never received RM1.3m gifted to Muhyiddin

Mahathir said his former party Bersatu did not receive RM1.3 million in donations, purportedly gifted to Muhyiddin in 2018.

MACC to probe politicians named in Zahid’s trial

The MACC said it would open investigation papers into several politicians named in Zahid's corruption trial.

Najib disputes Muhyiddin’s claim cancer treatment prevented him from taking bribes

Najib has raised doubt over Muhyiddin's claim that he could not have taken bribes in 2018 as alleged in court during Zahid's trial.

Muhyiddin denies receiving RM1.3m kickbacks from foreign visa system contractor, willing...

Impossible for Muhyiddin to have received any monetary gratification from anyone at that time as he was undergoing an operation and then was on medical leave.

Zahid’s trial: Muhyiddin received RM1.3m from Ultra Kirana in 2018

Muhyiddin received RM1.3 million in political contributions from Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd in 2018.

Judge recuses self from hearing QC’s bid to represent Najib

A High Court judge recused himself from hearing UK lawyer Jonathan Laidlaw’s bid to be admitted before the courts here.

Zahid codenamed as ‘monster’ in company’s ledger book

Zahid was labelled as 'monster' in his company Buku 555 (notebook) which contained a list of people who were given money.

Govt has to pay off 1MDB’s US$3b loan to fund for...

Najib's letter of support was crucial for issuing US$3 billion bond.

Narcotics chief denies filing report against senior officers

The narcotics CID today denied filing a report that several senior officers from CID and the police force are involved in a drug distribution syndicate.

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