Batik Air expresses regret over prolonged flight delays

Batik Air offers special vouchers to affected passengers.

Tourism authorities should tackle scams targeted at holidaymakers

Recently, a victim paid online for booking a homestay at Jalan Pasir Panjang in Kuala Terengganu, only to discover later the facility was non-existent.

RM1,000 entry fee a turn-off for Malaysians going to Thailand

Exorbitant fees and stringent requirements imposed on inbound travellers to Thailand have become a major turn off for many Malaysians.

Travel requirements for April 1 border reopening

Malaysia has introduced protocols for travellers in conjunction with border reopening on April 1.

Malaysian travellers can now apply for visa on arrival in Bali

Indonesia has started a visa on arrival (VoA) programme for tourists landing in Bali from 23 countries, including Malaysia, the US and the UK.

New ultra-low-cost carrier MYAirline

MYAirline may challenge AirAsia for dominance.

Tour operators clueless in creating new packages, activities

Time tour operators make ordinary tours interesting, exciting and rewarding so that tourists will talk about.

What is in store for travel agents?

The future of the travel trade will not be as bright as newcomers are optimistic.

Malaysia vaccination records not recognised in HK

A policy change in Hong Kong that comes into effect tomorrow will see Covid-19 vaccine recipients in Malaysia barred from entering the territory.

Importance of Singaporean tourists for Malaysia

In the decade from 2010 to 2019, Malaysia received 257,837,243 foreign tourist arrivals that included 125,965,956, or 49 percent, from Singapore.

US advises citizens not to travel to Malaysia, and most of...

The US State Department has advised its citizens not to travel to Malaysia, compared to its previous advice to “reconsider travel” to the country.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Perhaps no industry has suffered as badly from the Covid-19 pandemic as tourism.

Wait time at KLIA slashed to under 10 minutes with 3D...

A new 3D sensor technology is utilised for the Automated Queue Management System at KLIA to manage and reduce queue wait times to under 10 minutes.

Forget inbound tourism, even domestic may be in peril

The first case of Covid-19 in Malaysia was detected on Jan 25 last year and the number rose to 22,036 on Oct 20, almost nine months later.

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