Unwise, Shariah Lawyer Says of Anina’s Comments on Good Friday Billboard

A shariah lawyer has taken former PPBM women’s chief Anina Saadudin to task for her criticism of a billboard in Sabah showing a Good Friday greeting for Christians.

Home Ministry Giving “Flimsy” Excuses for Not Repealing Oppressive Laws

The Home Ministry's response to accusations of backtracking on reforms is flimsy.

Call to Allow More Non-Bumis in Matriculation Course

The government would look into the quota system for the Education Ministry's matriculation programme.

Tenaganita Wants A-G to Answer After Boss of Abused Maid Acquitted...

Tenaganita has decried the public prosecutor’s decision to drop a murder case against an employer who allegedly abused her Indonesian maid.

Ex-Suhakam Chief: Missing Activists Report Made Public to Provoke Reaction

Suhakam wanted to provoke reactions from the public and the establishment by making public its report on two missing activists.

KJ Raps Umno for Letting Fadli’s “Foreigner” Remark Slide

MCA Youth demands retraction of Umno assemblyman's "foreigner" label for students of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools.

Malaysian Bar: Abolish, Don’t Just Amend “Tyrannical” NSC Act

The Malaysian Bar has called on the government to withdraw its tabled amendments to the NSC Act 2016 and then move to abolish the controversial law.

Nik Abduh Confesses That He Lied About Audio Clip – to...

According to Nik Abduh, while Islam forbids lying, there were exceptions to the rule.

Surendran: Pakatan Has Betrayed Us by Not Repealing NSC Act

Prior to GE14, PH had pledged to repeal the NSC Act.

Withdrawal from Rome Statute – Between a Rock and a Hard...

Opponents of Rome Statute trying to pit the Malay rulers against the government.

Ahead of LGBT Crackdown, Fleeing Bruneians Fear for Friends Back Home

Plans to introduce strict new Islamic laws in Brunei.

NGO Wants PM to Step in to Locate Indira’s Daughter

The Indira Gandhi Action Team has sought the help of Dr Mahathir to locate Prasana.

Hadi: PAS-Umno Critics Like “Jews” Who Must be Battled to “Save...

Hadi wants to “send the enemy to hell”, believed to be alluding to DAP leaders.

Cannot Reveal CEP Report Yet Due to Ongoing Matters

The government cannot make the CEP´s report public as some matters are still being negotiated.

Nga Chides, Demands Apology from KJ for Calling Him “Taliban” in...

Khairy Jamaluddin in hot water after calling Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming "Taliban".


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