Stop Talking Nonsense Education Minister

Most Indians and Chinese were not born with a golden spoon in their mouths. I wonder who informed our Education Minister that the non-Malays in...

Soi Lek: MCA Must Quit BN to Revive Itself

Chua Soi Lek said MCA can regain its former glory if it quits BN and explores a cooperation with Gerakan, MIC and MyPPP.

Schools Need to Go Back to the 1970s

Former principal V Chakaravathy has urged the government to have the willpower to draw from the heyday of national schools in the 1970s and move forward.

Ramasamy Blasts Maszlee for Linking Matriculation Quota with Private Employment

DAP’s P Ramasamy today criticised Maszlee Malik for linking the matriculation quota with unfair employment practices for bumiputras in the private sector.

The Persistent Problem of Collecting from PTPTN Defaulters

The problems the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) face in collecting payments.

Do We Blame Social Media or Society?

What prompted respondents to encourage a teenage girl to kill herself

Maria Chin on Perceptions of the Cabinet

The perception of infighting among Cabinet ministers is not correct as it is simply that there are differing opinions.

Who Is to Blame for the Terrorist Among Us?

Corruption at all levels opened the doors for every negative element to creep into our country.

Maria Chin on the More Democratic Atmosphere of the Past Year

The PH government has opened up the democratic space by allowing people to openly speak, unlike the previous culture of fear.

The Jaded Millennial View

A millennial's views of PH's past one year in power.

Mind Economy and Shrug Off Umno-PAS Rhetoric

PH told not to be dictated by the opposition’s rhetoric.

Give PH a Fair Chance to Prove Themselves

Take a step back and recollect the amount of money BN stole from right under our noses all those years

Human Rights Watch: Royals Should Stay Out of State Matters

Royals should stay out of politics even in their own states as the people have voted in their state governments, said Human Rights Watch.

The Malaysia of Our Dreams

Bob Teoh on a dream we dared to dream.

PH First-Year Assessment: Good, but Can be Much Better!

Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam gives his views on Harapan’s first year in office.




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