MAS Grounded by Greed and Incapable Leaders

Employees of MAS left to pay for all the plundering by past corrupt administrators.

Kadir Jasin: PKR Must Pull Its Weight in Gay Sex Video...

Anwar Ibrahim must do more to resolve a sex video scandal implicating his deputy instead of leaving the matter entirely to Dr Mahathir.

Chef Wan Blasts Felda Folk for Handout Mentality, “Breeding Like Cats”

Settlers in Felda schemes must do more to improve their lot beyond waiting for government subsidies and assistance.

Kit Siang: Waiting for Leaders in Najib’s Administration to Apologise

Lim Kit Siang says Annuar Musa should explain why he has not apologised for Umno's complicity in the 1MDB scandal.

Pastor Raymond Koh and the Great Cover-Up

Dennis Ignatius attended the book launch of Where Is Pastor Raymond Koh?.

Advisers PH Ministers Could Do With

Ministers should invest more on getting better advisers rather than shooting off their mouths.

HK Stars Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Tony Leung Ka-Fai’s Appearance

The appearance of superstars Alan Tam and Kenny Bee at a rally supporting Hong Kong police has rubbed fans the wrong way.

When Dreams Began Fading

Umno getting stronger day by day.

Mujahid’s Statement on Xinjiang Has Embarrassed Country, Islam

Mujahid's use of the term “training centre” when referring to a controversial camp set up to “re-educate” Muslims in Xinjiang has embarrassed Muslims and the nation.

Is Harapan Still Committed to Human Rights?

Former ambassador Dennis Ignatius laments what a disappointing year it has been, with hope now turning to despair.

Kadir Jasin: Marry or Sell MAS, but Don’t Let It Die

It is better for MAS to be "married" to AirAsia than to wantonly allow the iconic brand to die.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

Sex video - a litmus test for Pakatan Harapan, says Kadir Jasin.

Kadir Jasin: Scrutinise Thoroughly Gamuda’s Highway Takeover Deals

The PH government should be more thorough in scrutinising the proposed purchase of Gamuda Bhd's highway assets.

Dr M Reiterates Azmin Need Not Resign

Dr Mahathir has reiterated his support for Azmin, saying the economic affairs minister need not resign over a gay sex video allegedly featuring him.

Rais Yatim: No Black and White for Anwar to Become PM,...

There is no official agreement for Anwar Ibrahim to succeed Mahathir despite the promise as per Pakatan Harapan’s election pledges.




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