Ex-IGP’s ‘Past was the Past’ Remark Shows No Tinge of Remorse

It appears that ex-IGP Rahim Noor's 'past was the past' remark shows he has no tinge of remorse.

Family Aide: ‘Police Culture’ Behind Pastor Koh, Amri’s Disappearance

An aide to the families of Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat says 'police culture' is behind their disappearance.

Malaysia’s Integrity in Doubt with ‘Black Eye’ Ex-IGP as Peacemaker

DAP's Dr Boo Cheng Hau says Malaysia's integrity is in doubt with 'black eye' ex-IGP Abdul Rahim as a peacemaker.

Not Fanning Communal Sentiments Would be a Great Show of Patriotism

Nga Kor Ming says not fanning communal sentiments would be a great show of patriotism.

Mahathir’s China Trip – a Success or Failure?

The question of whether Mahathir's China trip was a success or failure.

Our Leaders’ Duty to Look Out for Our People

Kadir Jasin says our leaders' duty is to look out for our people.

Support for Pekan MP to Air His Views

Support for Najib to air his views from Tengku Razaleigh and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

Nazri Claims Shocked by Revelations About 1MDB, Najib, Rosmah

Nazri claims shocked by revelations about 1MDB, Najib and Rosmah.

Dr M’s China Visit to Iron out Kinks in Relationship

Dr Mahathir's China visit to iron out kinks in the relationship.

Pahang Mufti: No Compromise for LGBT

The Pahang Mufti says no compromise for LGBT.

Annuar Praises Anwar on Three ‘R’, Urges Him to ‘Save Malaysia’

Annuar Musa praises Anwar Ibrahim for the latter's stand on race, religion and the royalty, and called on him to 'save Malaysia'.

What’s So Special About Bung Moktar?

Mariam Mokhtar asks what's so special about Bung Moktar that no action is taken against him for making inappropriate remarks in Parliament.

Ex-Envoy Ticks Off Westerners Taking Credit for Najib’s Fall

An ex-envoy ticks off Westerners for taking credit for Najib's fall.

Rafizi: Third National Car Against Wishes of Rakyat

Rafizi Ramli says the third national car is against the wishes of the rakyat.

Differing Views on Whether Proper to Reveal Only Four Fighter Jets...

Differing views on whether it is proper to reveal only four of our fighter jets can fly.


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