Deafening Silence on Congratulations Front as Questions Raised About PM8

The dubious legitimacy of Muhyiddin’s surprise backdoor government has caused most of the world to take time to respond to the sudden arrival of PM8.

PPBM Risks “Hostile Takeover” by Umno

PPBM’s fall from power in Johor is just one of many “concessions” made by the party.

US, UK, EU, Even China Yet to Recognise Backdoor Government

Not a single Western country has recognised the new government.

Kit Siang Tells Muhyiddin: Prove Your Legitimacy Like Hussein Onn Did

Muhyiddin Yassin should follow Hussein Onn’s example by convening an emergency meeting of Parliament immediately to establish his legitimacy as prime minister.

Ramkarpal Tells PM: Convene Special Parliamentary Sitting to Prove Majority

Muhyiddin Yassin should still call for an urgent parliamentary sitting to demonstrate that he commands the majority the lawmakers.

Kadir Launches Stinging Attack on Muhyiddin’s bloc: As if “Possessed by...

A Kadir Jasin launched a stinging attack today on PPBM leaders aligned with Muhyiddin Yassin, claiming they had behaved as though they were “possessed by the devil”.

G25 Malaysia on the Change of Government

Members of G25 express deep disappointment and frustration at the way the recent political process has been working in Malaysia, to bring about a change of government.

Chin Tong: Winter Has Come but Spring Isn’t Too Far

Call to Malaysians to rise to the occasion, to be counted and to rebuild the country together.

So Near Yet So Far for Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim recalled his 20-year struggle to become Malaysia’s PM: surviving a decade in jail on sodomy charges, dealing with allegations of sex tapes and struggling with infighting in his party.

Ramkarpal: Now We Know Who the Traitors Are

The “Sheraton Move” last Sunday was to result in the breakup of PH after some members decided to form a coalition with Umno and PAS.

PKR Youth Vice-Chairman Called on Tian Chua to Resign as Party...

PKR Youth vice-chairman Tan Kar Hing has called on Tian Chua to resign from his post as party vice-president.

Only One Way Now for Malaysia and Mahathir Must Take It

Mahathir went home from meeting Bersatu today having gone from Hero to Zero in the eyes of most.

27 Civil Society Organisations: Backdoor Govt Is Undemocratic, a Betrayal of...

A total of 27 civil society organisations have condemned the move to form a backdoor government, saying such an action was not only undemocratic but was also a betrayal of voters in the GE14.

Dr M Rebuilding His Government?

In a week of constantly changing political scenarios, Dr Mahathir's return as Bersatu chairman today hints that he is building support to form his own government.

Has Dr M Taken a Step Too Far?

A one-man government under the total control of a 95-year-old is no lasting recipe for stability.

Photo That Speaks a Thousand Words Why Speaker Azhar Profusely Defends Backdoor Govt

After tasting “lobsters”, it makes perfect sense why Speaker Azhar behaved extraordinarily in Parliament, profusely defending Finance Minister Zafrul who struggled in the Parliament.

Dr M “Inclined” to Think Guan Eng Victim of Political Persecution

Former premier Dr Mahathir has called for fair treatment to be accorded to Lim Guan Eng after the latter was charged with corruption.

Ramkarpal: DAP Does Not Condemn Judiciary, but Places Faith in It

DAP has not criticised the judiciary system over the indictment of its secretary-general.

Covid-19: 25 New Cases

The Covid-19 Sivagangga Cluster recorded 12 new cases today, including 10 in Perlis and one in Penang.

Edmund Santhara First Non-Bumi MP to Join Bersatu

Edmund Santhara Kumar has become the first non-bumiputera MP to join Bersatu.

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