Everybody a Loser with Extra 15,000 Matriculation Places

State assemblyperson for Kepayang Ko Chung Sen’s views on the additional matriculation places. Last week, it was announced that the government had increased the number...

365 Days to Clean Up a 60-Year Mess?

The rakyat needs to be realistic and not begin pointing fingers just a year after the Pakatan Harapan government took over.

Not Fair to Judge PH Based on One-Year Economic Outlook

Several economists today said it is unfair to judge the current PH administration based on the poor short-term economic outlook in almost a year since it swept to power.

G25 Rep: Four Academics Broke Civil Service Conduct in Advising Rulers...

Maszlee Malik should consider removing four academics who advised the Conference of Rulers on the Rome Statute that resulted in the government’s U-turn on ratification.

What Muslim Bullying Under PH, Patriot Asks Perlis Mufti

Vocal Perlis mufti took to Facebook, claiming PH leaders did not do enough to defend Islam.

Preacher PU Syed Urges Cancellation of “Demonic” BTS Concert

Islamic preacher PU Syed Bakri recently branded boyband BTS as “demonic” in an Instagram post.

Irked by TMJ’s “Change the PM” Comment

Rafiq Naizamohideen said the royalty should respect the people's choice in electing the current government.

Forum Panellists: What’s Behind Ruler’s Objection to Rome Statute?

It appeared that the ruler seemed threatened by the Rome Statute's ratification.

M for Malaysia: Documentary by Dr M’s Grandchild on His Re-Election...

M for Malaysia documentary directed by Ineza Roussille who talks about growing up with her famous granddad.

P Ramasamy: Is PH Being Bullied by Extreme Forces?

Penang’s deputy chief minister II on the government appeasing certain sections of society.

In Response to Dr M’s Blogpost TMJ Posts Excerpts of Constitutional...

Amid Johor tensions, Dr Mahathir points to constitution as highest rule of law.

Celebrity Wardina Safiyyah Lashes Out at ‘Gatal’ Preachers and Religious Men

Wardina Safiyyah lashed out at the lascivious behaviour of lewd preachers and religious men and called for them to “be a man” and not use religion to justify their lust.

Lawyers Slam Arun Kasi’s 30-Day Jail Term, Fine

The Federal Court on April 23 sentenced lawyer Arun Kasi, to 30 days' jail and fined RM40,000 after finding him guilty of contempt of court.

PM Burdened by “Three Times More Work”, but Cabinet Learning

Dr Mahathir admits he is now burdened with "three times more work" than during his first tenure as prime minister.

Gobind: Lack of Experience, Financial Constraints Reasons for “Flip-Flops”

Gobind has attributed lack of experience by government ministers and financial constraints as reasons behind "flip-flops".




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