Zaid Tells Malays 50 Years Is Too Long to Harbour Fear...

Fearing DAP on the premise that the predominantly Chinese party posed a threat to the status quo of the Malays and Islam is antiquated.

Zaid: Fear the Corrupt and Avaricious, Not Chinese and Indians

The Pakatan Harapan government's inability to introduce more progressive policies is due to the unfounded fear towards non-Malays.

Sex, Sleaze and Scandals in Malaysia

Mariam Mokhtar on gutter politics.

Azmin Indirectly Admits He’s a Homosexual

Azmin indirectly admit he's a homosexual.

Pakatan Harapan: Divided and Distracted

A divided and distracted Pakatan Harapan.

DAP Rep: Azmin Should Realise He Doesn’t Stand Chance of Becoming...

DAP's Ronnie Liu said Azmin Ali should realise he does not stand a chance of becoming prime minister over Anwar Ibrahim.

Kadir Jasin: IGP’s Statements Add More Mystery to Sex Video

IGP Abdul Hamid Bador has added more mystery to the sex video implicating Azmin Ali, according to a veteran newsman.

Azmin’s Adviser Tells Anwar to Best Let Go of PKR Presidency,...

Anwar Ibrahim should relinquish his presidency of PKR and retire from politics, founding member of the party Khalid Jaafar said.

Zaid to IGP: We All Love Azmin, but Surely We Love...

Zaid Ibrahim has advised IGP Abdul Hamid Bador to refrain from making political statements.

Tian Chua: Video Mastermind Must Face Action

Tian Chua has asked the police to haul up the mastermind behind the distribution of the gay sex video which was intended to bring down Azmin Ali.

Why Waste Time on the Gay Sex Video?

There are more important issues to attend do than who masterminded the gay sex video.

Why Is Tun M So Reluctant to Make Anwar PM?

The whole Reformasi movement was what led to the downfall of BN.

MAS Grounded by Greed and Incapable Leaders

Employees of MAS left to pay for all the plundering by past corrupt administrators.

Kadir Jasin: PKR Must Pull Its Weight in Gay Sex Video...

Anwar Ibrahim must do more to resolve a sex video scandal implicating his deputy instead of leaving the matter entirely to Dr Mahathir.

Chef Wan Blasts Felda Folk for Handout Mentality, “Breeding Like Cats”

Settlers in Felda schemes must do more to improve their lot beyond waiting for government subsidies and assistance.


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