Ambiga Slams the Power-Mad, Reminds PH of “Deep Moral Duty”

Ambiga says right now the focus has to be the people and for the good of the country.

PM: Fear Leads to Cover-Ups Instead of Holding Rulers Accountable

Dr Mahathir is known for not mincing words even when commenting on a subject which most consider sensitive such as the Malay rulers.

Teresa Kok: In 5 Years, Malaysians Will See PH Better Than...

The growing dissatisfaction with PH is due to the people’s unrealistic expectation of immediate change.

Let Women Decide Whether to Wear Hijab, Says Latheefa

Women should be free to think for themselves and make their own choice whether to wear or discard the hijab.

G25: Days of Obeying Sultan’s Command “No Matter What” Are Over

State rulers are constitutional monarchs and not despots with absolute powers, G25 said today after a brief power struggle between Putrajaya and the Johor palace.

Legal Eagle Sinks Talons into TMJ’s ‘Downright Silly’ Argument on Rome...

Latheefa Koya has criticised Tunku Ismail's argument against Malaysia inking the Rome Statute.

Baru Bian: No Merit in GPS MPs’ Excuses for Not Supporting...

Strong criticism over a golden opportunity missed with failure to support amendment bill.

PM-Johor Palace Tiff

War of words between Mahathir and Johor palace rages on.

‘PH Failed to Keep Its Pledge’

Indira Gandhi says she is let down by the government’s decision not to amend the Law Reform Act to deal with unilateral conversion of minors.

Dr M’s Daughter Backs ‘Harapan Don’t U-Turn’ Petition on Rome Statute...

Marina Mahathir has joined the thousands who have inked a petition urging the government to ratify the Rome Statute.

English in Schools: Learn from the Past

An education pressure group has urged the government to make proper preparations before trying to revive the use of English to teach mathematics and science in national schools.

PM: Changing Inexperienced Ministers Will Not Hasten Reforms

PM says changing ministers will not help the government fulfil its reform agenda.

More Backlash from Rome Statute U-Turn

The people voice their unhappiness over the government’s decision to withdraw from acceding to the treaty.

G25 Calls for Rome Statute Counter-Narrative Against Royals, “Ignorant Malays”

The government's decision to withdraw from ratifying the Rome Statute gives a troubling impression that the country is ruled by racial and religious sentiments.

Dr M: Flip-Flops Necessary to Right Wrong Decisions

Mahathir has justified allegations of his flip-flops on various issues, as something necessary, to right wrong decisions made.




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