Lawyer fails in RM12.5m summary judgment bid against Bersatu

The High Court has turned down lawyer Haniff Khatri's bid to obtain a summary judgment on the recovery of RM12.5 million in unpaid legal fees from Bersatu.

Apandi loses defamation suit against Kit Siang over 1MDB article

The judge ruled that Lim was justified in his statement urging Apandi to answer why he had absolved Najib of the 1MDB affair in...

Apex court dismisses Najib’s bid to disqualify Sri Ram

The Federal Court has dismissed Najib's bid to disqualify Gopal Sri Ram as lead prosecutor in the 1MDB cases.

Kit Siang: Does nobody in Umno dare to call Najib out...

Lim Kit Siang has kept up his demands over the position of Najib, who was a chief campaigner for Umno despite being a twice-convicted felon.

Police probe Kit Siang’s Sri Lanka comments

Police have opened an investigation over a tweet by Lim Kit Siang that allegedly contained a statement that could threaten public order.

After Anwar, Najib now wants to debate Kit Siang

After debating Anwar, Najib now wants to take on Lim Kit Siang.

PM defends appointment of controversial lecturer Kamarul Zaman as special officer

Ismail Sabri brushed off criticism of his decision to appoint Kamarul Zaman as his special officer.

Najib keeps mum on viral ‘marriage’ photo

Najib declined to comment over the issue of an alleged "wedding" photo of him with a woman that went viral two days ago.

Jakarta: Tajuddin’s appointment is Malaysia’s internal affair

The Indonesian government will not meddle in the internal affairs of Malaysia with regard to the appointment of Tajuddin as the ambassador.

Anthony Loke: Removal of AP requirement for imported foodstuffs will not...

The removal of approved permit (AP) requirement to import foodstuffs will not resolve increasing prices of food items.

AG’s power may be clipped

A law on political funding and separating the roles of the Attorney General and Public Prosecutor could soon be on the cards.

Why choose controversial Tajuddin, Umno leader asks PM

An Umno leader has criticised the appointment of Tajuddin to the position of ambassador to Indonesia.

PH needs change by bringing in new blood and narrative for...

PH must provide voters with a change of political narrative in addition to injecting new blood into their line-up in order to return its appeal to voters in GE15.

Controversial ex-academic Kamarul Zaman has been PM’s special officer since December

Kamarul Zaman Yusoff has come clean on his appointment as the PM's special officer.

Be the change you want to see, Young Syefura tells those...

Malays who believe DAP to be Chinese-dominant can and should join the party to correct this directly.

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