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Najib Visits Anwar in Hospital

Najib and Rosmah visits Anwar in hospital where he is recovering from a surgery to his right shoulder.

Criminal Suspects: From Tearful to Dangerous to Rowdy to Impudent

Criminal suspects ranging from the tearful to dangerous to rowdy to impudent.

Teachers and Classmates Pay Last Respects to Penang Fire Victims

The teachers and classmates of the two children who perished in the Penang fire paid their last respects to the victims.

Seven Charged with Gunning Down Datin in Taman OUG Walk Free

Seven people charged with gunning down property agent Datin Renyce Wong Siu Ling in Taman OUG last year were acquitted.

Mugabe Resists Pressure to Resign

President Robert Mugabe resists pressure to resign while the army has been called to outline its plans for a new government in Zimbabwe.

Costumed Suicide Bomber Fined RM400

Yemeni who dressed up in a suicide bomber costume for a Halloween party was fined RM400.

Suspect of Kota Baru Triple Murder Was Close to Family

The suspect of the Kota Baru triple murder was close to the family according to the survivor.

MCA Man Declines Offers to Pay for Family’s Funeral, Says It’s...

MCA man Lim Swee Bok has declined all offers to pay for his family's funeral, saying it is his obligation to pay for the expenses.

Operation in Jalan Imbi After Police Attack

A joint operation by the Immigration Department, PDRM and DBKL was conducted in Jalan Imbi following the police attack by workers from China.

Manhunt for Suspect in Kota Baru Brutal Triple Murder

Police are looking for the suspect in the Kota Baru brutal triple murder.

Penang MCA Leader’s Family Wiped Out in Fire

Penang MCA leader Lim Swee Bok lost his entire family in a fire in Penang this morning.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Abetting Father’s Suicide at Genting Highlands

A man was arrested for allegedly abetting his father to commit suicide in Genting Highlands.

Kindergarten Head Ties and Gags Child for Being Naughty

A kindergarten headmistress was found to have tied and gagged a child for being naughty.

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Hundreds Killed as Border Region Hit

Hundreds were killed and thousands injured in an earthquake that hit the Iran-Iraq border.

Datuk Among 18 Gang Members Detained in Penang

Datuk among 18 gang members detained in Penang.

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