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CIMB Heightens Security After Losing Tapes Containing Customer Data

CIMB heightens security after losing tapes containing customer data.

Company Director Charged with RM5.9M Money Laundering and Forgery

A company director was charged with RM5.9 million money laundering and forgery.

‘Monster Mum’ Gets 150 Years’ Jail for Prostituting Underage Daughters

'Monster mum' gets 150-year jail term for prostituting underage daughters.

Chinese Nationals Attack Cops in Gambling Raid Gone Awry

A group of Chinese nationals attacked cops in a gambling raid at Jalan Abraham, Off Jalan Khoo Teik Ee, Kuala Lumpur on Nov 11.

Gobind Emerges Big Winner in DAP Polls

Gobind emerges big winner in DAP polls.

Nightclub Hostess Jailed for Blinding Colleague with Stiletto Heel

A nightclub hostess was jailed for blinding a colleague with her stiletto heel in Singapore.

Man Dressed Up As Suicide Bomber Surrenders to Police

A man who dressed as a suicide bomber surrenders himself to police.

Six UPNM Students Deny Murdering Navy Cadet Officer

Six UPNM students deny murdering navy cadet officer Zulfarhan Osman.

Back to Jail for ‘Serial Kicker’

A repeat offender was jailed for 12 months and fined RM1,500 for kicking a woman from behind, causing her to fall.

Disabled Ex-Lawyer Charged with CBT of Over RM47K

A disabled ex-lawyer from Seremban was charged with criminal breach of trust of over RM47,000 in Melaka.

‘Steering Lock Lady’ Changes Plea, Fined RM3K

The 'steering lock lady' changed her plea to guilty and was fined RM3,000 for obstructing an enforcement officer from doing his job.

Stepfather and Mother Charged for Abusing Boy Chained to Gas Cylinder

The stepfather and mother of the boy chained to a gas cylinder have been charged with abusing him.

Car Flies over Speed Bump and Lands Wedged Between Two Cars

A car driven by a Singaporean flies over a speed bump and lands wedged between two cars in Johor.

Teen Raped by Boss Five Days After Starting Work

A teenager was raped by her boss five days after she started work.

Wife Wept as Newlywed Man Charged with Raping, Robbing Varsity Student

The wife of a suspect charged with raping and robbing a varsity student wept when her husband was charged.

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