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Living to Tell the Great White in My Boat Tale

Terry Selwood, 73, has a great tale to tell and it's a true one.

Free Air Tickets Scams

Free AirAsia flight tickets scams and free Singapore Airlines air tickets scam.

Do Not Use 7 Cosmetic Products Containing Poisons

The public is advised to stop using seven cosmetic products detected to contain scheduled poisons.

Uber Ride Robbery Victim Loses Child

Woman robbed by Uber driver suffers a miscarriage.

In Defence of Hannah

Much to the chagrin of UUM lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusof, Muslims leaders have come to the defence of Hannah Yeoh over his allegations of her autobiography.

Cambodian Maids are Coming Back!

Six-year freeze on Cambodian maids to Malaysia lifted, with the first batch of domestic helpers arriving after Hari Raya.

Ariana Grande Manchester Arena Concert Explosion – 22 Dead, 50 Hurt

Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman concert in Manchester horrifyingly turns into an explosive bloodbath.

Mocking Mahathir the Mocker of Fat People

Mahathir criticised for mocking fat people in speech, accused of body shaming.

Lodging Non-Criminal Cases Reports Online

Those living in Kuala Lumpur can now lodge police reports for non-criminal cases, such as lost of MyKad, passport and driving licence, online at Online Police Reporting System.

Wild Sea Lion Yanks Girl into Water

Watch the video footage of a wild sea lion yanking a young girl into the sea on Canada's west coast.

Suspect in Puchong Rape-Robbery Dies in 12th Floor Fall

Suspect in Puchong rape-robbery case falls to death from 12th floor, trying to evade police arrest.

Malaysia-North Korea Match Postponed Again

Malaysia-North Korea Asian Cup qualifier postponed again due to "geopolitical tension" on the Korean Peninsula.

Police Quiz Maria Chin over December Event

Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin and other Bersih committee members questioned by police over Penang event last December and candlelight vigils in November.

Hannah Yeoh Lodges Report over “Hypocrite” Article

Hannah Yeoh lodges police report against UUM lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff for defamatory statements in "hypocrite" article on Facebook.

iPhone 8 with Likely US$1K Price Tag

Latest renders of Apple iPhone 8 based on leaked blueprints, with anticipation of US$1K price tag and September release.

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