Snags in Generation End Game

Lobbying by certain civil society groups for Malaysian MPs to vote for the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill that will be tabled in the Parliament.

Dennis Ignatius: Can Rafizi save PKR?

The dynamic between Rafizi and Anwar is going to be critical.

National assets worth RM66b at risk

Everything started after Najib stopped paying RM5,300 to Sulu in 2013.

Sarawak Report: US Prosecutors now targeting bigger fish over 1MDB?

The most plausible reason for such a postponement is that DOJ prosecutors have now obtained the cooperation of both men in going after the big fish in Goldman Sachs.

Printing RM1.9 trillion

The Ringgit will plunge into a free fall if breaches 4.50 to a dollar.

Tok Mat’s interview with Asia Times

UMNO warlords quietly wanted Najib and Zahid to be jailed, but too afraid to say so.

A parliament of baboons?

If our MPs are more like baboons than lawmakers, our country will continue to slide down the slippery slope.

PM wasting money again

With Turkey’s economy in crisis, it has no money to invest in Malaysia.

Dennis Ignatius: Holding an entire nation hostage

Najib and Zahid waging a desperate legal, political and publicity battle for survival.

Dennis Ignatius: War of words over Pulau Batu Puteh

Johor and the federal government are simply using the Pulau Batu Puteh issue to settle old scores with Mahathir.

Kit Siang: Will Penny Wong be able to be Foreign Minister...

Will Penny Wong be able to be Foreign Minister of Malaysia if she had not emigrated to Australia and given up her Malaysian citizenship for Australian nationality in 2001?

Trapped in RM80 billion subsidy

A result of “ketuanan Melayu” policy, corruption and nepotism.

Abolishing the mandatory death penalty the right step

The abolishment of the mandatory death penalty is a positive step that should lead to the ultimate abolishment of the death penalty.

Dennis Ignatius: What does the “Malay spirit” mean these days?

To great men of the past, the Malay spirit was about integrity, honour and selfless public service.

Government’s RM100 cash gift for the people

Instead of bragging how the cash handout will benefit four million families, the PM should instead apologise that four million households need help.

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