Ex-Health D-G: Noor Hisham ‘a toothless tiger’

While handling the SARS outbreak, ex-health D-G told the politicians to “shut up”.

Report: PN/Bersatu promising golden tribute to the Johor Sultan?

An astonishing announcement was made yesterday by the board of the major mining company, Southern Alliance Mining Ltd, based in Singapore.

Malaysia’s Mad Old Men!

The concept of a dignified retirement, dispensing the advice that only experience can deliver requested) appears to be an alien concept to the ex-UMNO warlords.

“I want to retire, but the rakyat still want me” Seriously?

They have been around for decades and squeezed the country and rakyat dry and yet they do not want to let go.

Corruption and greed for power has crept into every facet of...

The recent political scenario in our country points to only one thing – that all efforts to curb the spread of the raging Covid-19 pandemic have taken a back seat.

Putrajaya lying that Malaysia’s economy is improving

The government is not telling the truth in declaring that Malaysia’s economy is improving as data and figures prove otherwise.

Solo dining and cycling should be allowed

Dining at eateries and cycling for exercise are banned in states, federal territories, divisions or districts under FMCO, now known as Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), which may or may not be lifted under CMCO or Phase 2 of NRP.

Mariam Mokhtar: Hadi’s irresponsible statement about Coronavirus being a test from...

What did Malaysians do to receive this terrible punishment, in the form of Hadi Awang, the PAS leader.

Muhyiddin’s boys are begging not to be booted – why not...

Armed with SDs, Anwar, or any other MP for that matter, can seek an audience with the King to prove that he has the support to become the new prime minister.

Mariam Mokhtar: Latest breach of SOP at Jalan Bellamy bungalow

Two nights ago, several politicians, ministers, deputies and GLC heads, had met in secret in a bungalow near Bellamy Road.

Opposition members, experts to join newly mooted National Recovery Council

The newly mooted NRC has invited representatives from opposition parties as members.

Covid-19 self-test kit results must be reported on MySejahtera

Any Covid-19 self-test kit result, whether positive, negative or invalid, must be reported to the Ministry of Health through the MySejahtera application.

Seven states bought up to 6m Sinovac doses

Pharmaniaga today said nearly half of the 14 million Sinovac vaccine doses it plans to sell from next month has been ordered by various state governments.

71.9pc of adult population in Klang Valley given first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

Some 71.9 per cent of the adult population (aged 18 and above) in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine as of yesterday.

Even MPs yet to get fully vaccinated can enter Parliament

All members of parliament, including those who have not been fully vaccinated, are allowed to enter the House.

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