Incredibly bad news for Najib, Rosmah and Umno

Don’t expect Najib to stop pretending to be sick just to get out of prison – for a dose of fresh air.

Rafizi predicts Umno will meet its demise in 5-7 years

Rafizi has predicted the demise of the country’s Malay-based rival parties in five to seven years.

Queen Elizabeth II – the spectacular journey

During her reign, her journey was nothing but a spectacular and colourful one.

Smart solutions needed for Malaysia’s traffic woes

Smart solutions mean utilizing the advent of technology through artificial intelligence (AI) to solve nagging traffic problems.

‘Rembau Raid’ an indictment of Umno’s power lust

Khairy has yesterday confirmed that he will be vacating his Rembau Parliamentary seat for Mohamad Hasan in the upcoming general election.

Kadir Jasin: Probe Rizal Mansor for other offences

The authorities should investigate Rizal Mansor for other offences after he was acquitted of graft over a solar hybrid project for schools in Sarawak.

Rosmah deserves max 20 years in prison

While she collected millions in bribes, none of the 369 rural schools in Sarawak received any electricity.

Sarawak Report: Billion Ringgit Babe!

Justice has been done in Rosmah's corruption case.

Najib praised independent judiciary in 2015, but condemned unfair judiciary in...

There is no country that sees Najib’s trial as unfair.

A royal pardon – here is why Najib’s case is different...

It appears that at the very least, Najib has to accustom to the prison lifestyle for the next three years before a royal pardon can be considered.

Sarawak Report: Najib – This was just a fraction of the...

Najib had assumed that power would prevail over justice, which has so long been his experience and that of his ilk.

Najib’s poorly staged circus backfires, making the job easier for five...

Hisyam’s refusal to present his final argument to defend Najib was taken as the defence’s failure to raise reasonable doubt.

Dennis Ignatius: It’s plain stupid to believe only non-Muslims are corrupt

Anyone with a bit of common sense will know that no racial or religious group has a monopoly on virtue or vice.

Dennis Ignatius: Let justice be done

Truth be told, no other person in Malaysia’s history has ever been given as much leeway as Najib.

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