Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

After sulking for a month, Hadi appointed as Special Envoy to the Middle East.

Mariam Mokhtar on Unmasking the Moderate Malay Mind, and Putting Malaysia...

The difference between an oyster and a moderate Malay is that it is easier to prise open an oyster than to open the Malay mind.

Mariam Mokhtar: Muhyiddin Spends Taxpayers’ Money Like Water

Hadi Awang has been appointed Malaysia’s Special Envoy to the Middle East.

Whilst People Suffer Why Should the Profiteers Sit Pretty in This...

Malaysia’s greatest wealth has been in resources, yet decision-makers have allowed the resources to be ripped from under native people’s feet by a handful of profiteers for nothing in return.

Surrender or Bleed to Death?

Instead of overly focussing on recovery measures post Covid-19 pandemic, the priority now is to rescue tour operators.

Mariam Mokhtar: Women’s Minister Must Resign or Be Sacked

She is out of touch with 21st Century Malaysia, has no clue about modern marriages and has let women and children down!

P Ramakrishan: Muhyiddin, Don’t Mislead Makcik Kiah

Makcik Kiah's saving is not RM RM4,464 – it’s a hoax!

Bad Times Ahead for SMEs

Thousands of companies could fold and millions of people would lose their jobs in a matter of weeks if the embargo on business activities is prolonged.

Kabinet Rakyat: MCO Phase 2 May Unintentionally Hasten Spread of Covid-19

The set of rules for the second phase of the MCO announced by the defence minister raises a number of very serious questions.

One Person Per Car – One of the Silliest Rules Hatched...

Allowing taxis and e-hailing services to operate means there will be a minimum of two persons in a taxi or a Grab car.

Crime Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

In the coming months, many employees in the private sector will be out of jobs, and self-employed people that include freelancers and independent contract workers will be without work.

Just Offer Tabligh Members Yet to Be Tested RM100 Per Head

Something is not right with the numbers.

Sudhagaran Stanley: Can My Backdoor PM Use RM250B Without Parliament’s Approval?

The big question of the legality of announcing the RM250 Billion Economic Aid Package.

Knock-Down Blow for Malaysia’s Tourism Industry

The RM250 billion economic stimulus package announced by Muhyiddin Yassin last Friday was more like a knock-down blow for the local tourism industry.

Patriot: Be Clear on Source of Fund, Distribution Channels

Patriot has voiced their concern that the RM250 billion stimulus package announced were sung praises by politicians and economists without worrying about the source of funds.

Ismail Sabri: Hotel Quarantine Centres Can’t Charge More Than RM150 per Room Night

Hotels which have been gazetted as quarantine stations for Malaysians returning from abroad cannot charge more than RM150 per room per night as agreed with Putrajaya.

Government to Distribute 4 Face Masks per Household

A total of 24.6 million face masks will be given away to households nationwide to protect themselves against Covid-19.

Authorities Slammed for Inaction Against Airlines Refusing to Refund Cancelled Flights

Matta has voiced its disappointment with the authorities for their silence on fare refund issues faced by travel agents and passengers of cancelled flights due to Covid-19.

Cops to Issue RM1,000 Fine for Violating MCO from Today

Flouters of the movement control order will face a compound of at least RM1,000 from today.

Jailed for Fishing to Feed Family amid MCO, Duo Now Sentenced to Community Service

Two labourers who were sentenced to three-month jail after they were caught fishing during the MCO to feed their families, were ordered to perform community service.

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