Dennis Ignatius: Zahid as DPM – Don’t sacrifice principle for the...

If Zahid is found not guilty, he can always be made DPM at some future point.

Dennis Ignatius: Anwar Ibrahim – a weak hand and a deeply...

Anwar has been dealt a weak hand – no majority, a deeply divided electorate, no clear consensus.

Recognition from Johor Sultan, Jokowi and US for PM Anwar forced...

Recognition that Muhyiddin failed to get during his 17 months as backdoor PM.

Let us not forget lessons of the past

Anwar must never forget the struggle and what Reformasi is all about.

Dennis Ignatius: Race, religion and the end of consensus in Malaysia

What we need now is an honest and frank national dialogue on the kind of nation to build going forward.

Anwar brings fresh hope for a new Malaysia

The announcement that Anwar will be appointed as the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia brought sunshine and relief to most Malaysians.

P Ramakrishnan: At last, it’s Anwar!

If Anwar had secured a simple majority, today he would be in a strong position to carry out his promises and steer this nation to safer shores during these turbulent times.

How Anwar watched with popcorn while Zahid played and trapped Muhyiddin...

Zahid led BN leaders to meet Anwar at Seri Pacific Hotel to prospect a unity government to play and trap Muhyiddin, Azmin, Hamzah and Hadi.

Bersih: Instead of a unity government, why not power-sharing through Parliament?

Bersih calls upon all parties to consider power-sharing through Parliament as the way to resolve the government formation deadlock now.

Plea from business community for quick resolution to political impasse

But now that GE15 is done and dusted, we are no better than before, if not worse.

Sarawak Report: Growing tangle that the Istana would do well to...

Consequential constitutional monarchs know well that their dignity and longevity rely on remaining well above the common fray.

Dennis Ignatius: PH-BN a good compromise

Hope that PH, BN, GPS and GRS can put aside their differences and work together.

Haris Ibrahim: Time for ‘Asalkan bukan PAS’

Disastrous if PAS were able to have a strong grip on the country’s future.

Sarawak Report: No more of Mahiaddin’s phantom SDs!

The system for appointing a prime minister is that the King calls the most convincing candidate and invites him to attempt to form a government.

Dennis Ignatius: Democracy dies when losers win

A slippery slope to dictatorship.

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