Dr M: Alliance with Anwar Worth It Because of Najib Scandals

Dr Mahathir says the alliance with Anwar was worth it because of the Najib scandals.

Kadir Jasin Says Rude and Religious Hypocrites are the Real Threat...

Kadir Jasin says rude and religious hypocrites are the real threat to race and religion.

Planning Parliament Protest, Umno Man Claims “Christian” DAP in Control of...

Planning a Parliament protest, Umno man Lokman Noor Adam claims "Christian" DAP is in control of Dr Mahathir.

Perlis Mufti: Respect Homosexuals Even Though They are “Sinners”

The Perlis Mufti calls for respect to homosexuals even though they are "sinners".

Latheefa Tells Najib to Stop Playing Victim

Lawyer Latheefa Koya tells Najib to stop playing the victim.

BOB TEOH on Rais Yatim’s Post-Truth Politics over the Malay Language

Bob Teoh on Rais Yatin's post-truth politics over the Malay language.

Siti Kasim Slams Mujahid for Defending Jakim’s Budget

Siti Kasim slams Mujahid for defending Jakim's budget.

Trial by Media: What About Sodomy II?, Asks MARIAM MOKHTAR

Mariam Mokhtar questions Shafee Abdullah's concern that Najib will be put through a trial by media, saying he did not appear to demonstrate the same principles in Anwar's 2015 sodomy case.

“Taken by Surprise” by Gag Order Not What You Think Tommy...

"Taken by surprise" by the gag order is not what you think Tommy Thomas meant as the phrase has a different meaning in court.

PH Slams Umno Man for Warning Cops, MACC Not to Talk...

Pakatan Harapan slams Umno man Razlan Rafii for warning cops and the MACC not to talk about 1MDB.

Siti Tells Diehard Pakatan Supporters to Stop Gloating over Najib

Siti Kasim tells diehard Pakatan supporters to stop gloating over Najib.

Najib’s Melancholic Video

Najib's melancholic video.

Critics, Supporters React to Najib’s Arrest

Critics and supporters react to Najib's arrest.

G25: The Global Movement of Moderates Foundation Not Moderate Under CEO...

G25 says the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation is not moderate under its CEO from PAS.

Two Biggest Parties Under-Represented in Cabinet

Two biggest parties under-represented in the Cabinet.

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