Activists Disappearing in Uncannily Similar Circumstances

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Four disappearances into thin air within three months

  • Social activist Amri Che Mat missing since November
  • Pastor Joshua Hilmy and wife also disappeared in November
  • Pastor Raymond Koh abducted a month ago
  • All vanished without a trace


More than a month since his abduction, Pastor Raymond Koh has still not been found and what’s worrying is that Malaysian police have admitted they have no leads on the case.

There have also been reports that another pastor, Joshua Hilmy, and his wife Ruth have been missing since November 30. Pastor Joshua is a former Muslim and ethnic Malay. Citing Malaysiakini, the Malay Mail Online reported on March 14 that an unnamed man had lodged a police report on the disappearance of the couple and police said they would be unable to verify the disappearance because of the lack of basic information.

Last Friday, in a Free Malaysia Today report, Opposition leader Wan Azizah Wan announced that another person has gone missing without a trace in a case similar to the abduction of Pastor Koh.

“Even though police reports have been made, there has been no news, no follow-ups. It was done professionally,” she said.

The individual, in this case, is social activist Amri Che Mat, 43, from Perlis. He has been missing since November 24.

What had started out being curious and mystifying with Pastor Koh’s abduction, has now taken on a more sinister tone with the revelations of at least two other individuals involved in community activities missing without a trace.

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