After Ziana Zain opens up on gossip, Najib trains sight on pro-Harapan bloggers

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Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak today took aim at pro-Pakatan Harapan bloggers over allegations that he and singer-actress Ziana Zain were once an item.

Referring to Ziana’s recent interview with Astro Awani, where she revealed that past rumours of her relationship with a VIP were untrue, Najib said that the allegations were done in bad faith against him and they were now finally debunked.


“In the past, pro-Harapan propaganda blogs linked me (with Ziana). What source did they use? A comment using a fake account on an Internet forum,” he said on Facebook.

The “comment and fake account” Najib was referring to was the subject of an article that appeared on the blog back in May 2010.

That blog post contained claims that the former premier was arrested for khalwat (close proximity) but the matter was allegedly hushed up.

Ziana was asked by Astro Awani of a “scandal” she was accused of being involved in with a VIP, to which she said it was mere gossip.

“To me, this is a challenge that comes with being an actress. When you are on top, there will be people who try to gossip about you and accuse you of things you’ve never done.

“I took it as whatever it was. I know who I am, and my parents know who I am. That is good enough,” she said.

Ziana is best known for the film series Sembilu and Maria Mariana. She also enjoyed a very successful singing career. – Malaysiakini