Amar Singh Surprised at RPK’s Racist ‘Turban’ Retort

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Top cop reacts to blogger’s ‘turban’ statement.

Senior police officer Commissioner Datuk Seri Amar Singh today expressed surprise at blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin’s racist retorts involving references to the Sikh community’s practice of wearing turbans.

The Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) director Commissioner had yesterday challenged Raja Petra to produce evidence for the latter’s accusations the police had stolen over RM40 million while probing Datuk Seri Najib Razak but was taken aback today by Raja Petra’s response.

“Even more surprising is when RPK snaps back with a demeaning and derogatory statement to ridicule a person due to race…whatever respect left is lost because ‘Racist and discriminatory remarks are the weapons used by the weak the maximum of hatred for the minimum of reason’,” Amar wrote in a brief Facebook post today.

“The Sikhs hold the turban to very high regard don’t ridicule and try to undermine us… we have a much stronger grit and courage in us,” he added.

Amar was referring to Raja Petra’s latest post on the latter’s blog Malaysia Today, where the latter had made remarks referencing the turban donned by Amar.

Amar also pointed out that Raja Petra had in his blog post now admitted to be a “mercenary writer” and not an investigative reporter as previously claimed.

“But even if one is such a writer the least he can do is have the morals and integrity to write about the truth don’t be a ‘lap dog’ to anyone,” Amar said in his Facebook post. – Malay Mail

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