Anwar Refutes Claims He Will Quit as PH Chairman on Failure to Secure Majority

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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has refuted reports claiming that he will quit as Pakatan Harapan (PH) Council chairman if he failed to secure a majority in Parliament.

Yusof Mat Isa

He said the reports quoting several members of Parliament claiming that he will quit has only created confusion.

“This irresponsible action was clearly made to create confusion among several quarters,” his office was quoted saying to Astro Awani.

Malaysiakini today, quoting four parliamentarians, reported that the opposition leader had promised to quit if he could not prove that he had secured the majority.

According to the news report, following Anwar’s resignation promise which was conveyed verbally, a fake statement of Anwar promising to resign was circulating yesterday using the letterhead of Anwar’s office.

The report said that the MPs confirmed that even though the fake letter was never issued by Anwar’s office, its contents were true.

They allegedly also said Anwar asked for a week’s time to prove his majority, failing which he will step down as the opposition coalition’s head.

Anwar had purportedly made the promise during a meeting with PH parliamentarians on Thursday.

The meeting was called after the PKR president stopped the opposition from calling for a division vote.

Budget 2021 was passed at the policy stage through a voice vote after the opposition failed to get the 15 MPs to stand up and trigger bloc voting, handing Perikatan Nasional a moral victory.

Anwar admitted on Thursday that he had asked MPs to sit down instead of standing up in an effort to trigger a divisional vote.

The Port Dickson MP said Budget 2021 will still be debated at the committee stage on Monday and said there was still time to defeat the budget when it is put to the vote for a third time.

It was reported that, publicly, Anwar said the move not to request for bloc voting was so the opposition won’t appear to be blanketly rejecting Budget 2021, which saw several additional aids allocated to the people.

Privately, several MPs allegedly told Malaysiakini that Anwar couldn’t muster sufficient support to defeat Budget 2021 during the second reading.