Auditor-General Report: Improper payment of RM17.76m to company handling printing of police summonses

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Weaknesses were found in the payment for printing and mailing services of police summonses, including an improper payment amounting to RM17.76 million.

The Auditor-General’s Report 2021 Series 2 stated it was found that the police force did not impose a RM1.82 million fine on the company contracted to do the job for a delay in carrying out the job.

A company was engaged to carry out the printing and mailing of police summonses.

An audit on this service was carried out to determine if the payment for this service complied with the law and agreement, financial regulation and was done in an orderly manner.

“It was also found that the company engaged to carry out this service for the police had appointed a subcontractor without approval, with a contract value of RM32.58 million,” said the report which was released on Thursday (Feb 16).

The report recommended for the police to ensure that payment made was according to the contract signed and based on the actual number of notices that were printed and mailed by the service company.

It also recommended for the police to enforce existing clauses of the agreement and improve terms of the agreement to safeguard the government’s interest.

Explaining this, Auditor-General Datuk Seri Nik Azman Nik Abdul Majid said that police could not impose fine on the company for delay in work as its contract had expired on Nov 30 last year.

“The government is in possession of a cash guarantee which can be deducted. The amount, however, is not sufficient to cover the total cost (of fine).

“The relevant ministry and police are in discussion with the company for the fine to be paid,” he added. – The Star