Call for MACC to Investigate Claims of Elected Reps Offered Bribes to Shift Loyalties to Musa Aman

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The Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Centre) said it is stunned by ongoing political developments in Sabah, which saw the State Legislative Assembly being dissolved on Thursday.

It said the move was a totally unexpected development – and while necessary to determine majority support, it isn’t very welcome, especially when the country is facing a health pandemic and serious economic crisis.

“Millions have lost their job and income, yet our political leaders choose to play dangerous politics in times such as this.

“C4 Centre is disturbed by several Sabah elected representatives claiming harassment, being offered millions of ringgit to shift their alliance from current Chief Minister (Datuk Seri Mohd) Shafie Apdal to his rival (Tan Sri) Musa Aman.

“This is certainly a matter serious enough to warrant an immediate investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC),” it said in a statement.

C4 Centre said that over the last few weeks, many elected representatives in Sabah have exposed the deeds of unidentified agents attempting to lure them to shift alliances.

One such case is Lahad Datu representative, Dumi Pg Masdal, who claimed he received an offer of RM5 million from one individual, and RM20 million from another in a ministerial position, to jump over to their side.

C4 Centre said that besides Dumi, all DAP elected representatives in Sabah have also come forward and exposed to the media that they are being harassed and offered money and positions to abandon Shafie’s government.

Sabah Youth and Sports Minister Ginger Phoong exposed that he received a call by a man who offered him the Deputy Chief Minister’s post, the C4 Centre said.

It added that another representative, Jannie Lasimbang, said that three men visited her at her house in Penampang and asked her to shift alliances. She has since lodged a police report.

“The allegations being made by these state representatives are very serious and should be immediately investigated.

“The trend of offering elected representatives money and positions to buy over their loyalty is a threat to our country’s democratic principles. It is unhealthy and disgusting,” C4 Center said.

It called for the MACC to uncover the truth and go after the corrupt offenders without fear or favour.

C4 Center also questioned if it was yet another mere coincidence in politics or was the withdrawal of the corruption charges (46 in total) of Musa a few weeks back a pre-planned exercise by the government engineered for him to lead the takeover of Sabah.

“How could the Attorney General’s Chambers change its position in regards to the case, in less than two years? From a dismissal not amounting to an acquittal to an unconditional acquittal.

“Only our institutions can save the situation now.”