China Refutes Claim That Jho Low in Macau

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Chinese authorities have investigated all clues provided by Bukit Aman on the purported whereabouts of Jho Low in Macau but could not find the fugitive businessperson, the China Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said.

In a statement today, the embassy refuted a statement made by Malaysia’s top cop, Abdul Hamid Bador who said Low, or his real name Low Taek Jho, is believed to be in Macau.

“The Chinese police has followed and investigated meticulously each and every relevant clue we received from the Malaysian police in a sincere and responsible manner.

“Unfortunately, no relevant individuals have been found and the Malaysian side has been informed accordingly. The above-mentioned accusations are groundless and unacceptable.

“The position of the Chinese government on combating crime is consistent and clear. China does not and will never shelter foreign criminals.

“We would continuously render our support and assistance to further investigations on the case once we receive further information from the Malaysian side,” said embassy spokesperson Tang Tang.

Several local media today quoted Abdul Hamid saying that all indications are that Low is hiding out in the China autonomous region.


He also claimed that Low’s close family members were also believed to be moving about freely in Hong Kong.

Earlier this month the IGP had revealed that the former CEO of SRC International Sdn Bhd Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil was hiding in Hong Kong together with his wife and children.

He said they had relayed that information to the Hong Kong authorities in a bid to obtain their assistance but to date, there has been no positive response. – Malaysiakini

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