Cops Ask Lokman Adam for UK Forensic Firm’s Findings on Sex Video

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Police have asked Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam to hand over the forensic report from a UK-based company on a gay sex video targeted at Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali.

In the letter sent to Lokman from Bukit Aman’s Criminal Investigation Department, the police asked for copies of the video given to forensic analysis service provider Verden Forensics, along with its full report.

When contacted, Lokman said he had told the police that he can only meet them on Sept 2 as he is away in Indonesia.


“Whatever it is, my lawyer will proceed to sue the inspector-general and attorney-general for failing to carry out their duties in charging Azmin and Haziq,” he added.

He was referring to Haziq Aziz, the former Santubong PKR Youth chief who admitted to being one of two men seen engaging in sex acts in the video.

Haziq named Azmin as the other person, which the minister has strongly denied.

The police recently said Malaysian experts had found the video likely to be authentic.

However, they said facial recognition results were negative, and that “the person in the video cannot be linked to the individual in question”.

Lokman last week said upon his return from the UK that he had engaged a firm to verify the sex video.

He said the firm found that the two men “matched” photos of Azmin and Haziq.

Haziq has admitted to being one of the men in the video and named Azmin as the other.

Azmin has denied this and said the video is a plot to destroy his political career.

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