Couples Demand Refund from Wedding Planner with Alleged Financial Issues

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More than 100 couples swarmed a wedding planner’s office to demand refunds following negative publicity about the company went viral.

  • Previously had received many positive reviews
  • Negative publicity went viral recently
  • Allegedly failed to pay caterers and photographers
  • Offered customers 50% discount
  • Owner failed to show up to meet with customers as promised
  • Police reports lodged against wedding planner

Updated: The wedding planner has been remanded for two days and is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating. Refunds couples are seeking are believed to amount to RM500,000.

Mohd Asri Saifuddin Mamat/NST

A group of more than 100 couples who will be having their wedding soon flocked to ZurinJundi Boutique in Section 7, Shah Alam, at 10am yesterday to demand their money back.

The couples were concerned that their wedding may not go smoothly following allegations that the wedding planner had failed to pay her caterers and photographers.

It was reported that the business owner, a woman in her 30s, would be at her office to meet with customers and issue refunds to them.

Jufri Nurdin, 35, who is going to get married this October, told the New Straits Times that she had paid about RM10,000 to the planner to prepare his wedding ceremony in Shah Alam.

“I was so shocked after learning about the incidents caused by the planner. Before engaging ZurinJundi, I read positive reviews from customers, including several friends.

ZurinJundi Wedding Planner/Facebook

“After negative stories about the company went viral, I discussed with my fiancee and decided to cancel its services,” Jufri was quoted as saying

“This is a precautionary measure as we do not want anything untoward to happen on our big day,” he added

According to another client, Nas Aide Zainal, 28, the boutique was famous in the Klang Valley and had previously received many positive reviews from customers.

“We were confident with the boutique because of its good track record and affordable fees. When it offered a 50 percent discount, I was suspicious at first because it seemed too good to be true,” said Nas Aide.

ZurinJundi Wedding Planner/Facebook

“But, I went ahead after my fiancee and friends said the boutique is really good and they have never cheated customers. I paid a RM6,000 deposit for one of its wedding packages.

“My fiancee and I did not think anything was amiss as its staff had been keeping us updated on the wedding dress and the progress of other preparations.

“That was until we read negative stories about the boutique on social media,” Nas Aide said, the New Straits Times reported.

“At this point, we do not know whether she deliberately wants to cheat. The problems could have also been caused by other issues among the planner, caterers, and photographers.

“The owner also told my fiancee that she is not the person portrayed in the viral social media postings and that we can get our money back if we do not trust her,” Nas Aide added.

However, the owner did not turn up to meet with her customers and the crowd dispersed at 1.30pm.

The police have confirmed that they have received reports against the wedding planner.