Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Guard Tried to Break Down Bedroom Door

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A security guard told the High Court today he tried to break down the door of Cradle Fund chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan bedroom’s during a fire last June.

Nepali national Raju Kumar Pandit, who worked at Mutiara Homes in Petaling Jaya, said he was informed by the female house owner, whom he later identified as Samirah Muzaffar, that her husband Nazrin was inside the room.

“I was told by a neighbour on the same row of houses during the afternoon on June 14 last year that there was some problem there,” Raju said through an interpreter.


“When I arrived at the house, I saw the house owner standing outside the porch and the gate was opened. She said she had yet to call the fire department.”

Raju said he saw smoke coming from the first floor of the house.

He said he rushed to the bedroom on the first floor, adding that it was filled with smoke.

“I tried to open the door, but it was locked. The house owner said she did not have the key to the bedroom,” he said.

He said he asked Samirah for a hammer, but she told him she did not have one.

“At the same time, the neighbour came into the house and gave me a metal rod,” he said.

Raju identified the metal rod when shown the exhibit by the investigating officer, Nizam Daud.

He said he could not break down the door.

“I only managed to break the doorknob. At the same time, I heard the house owner scream, but I don’t know why she screamed,” he said.

Asked by deputy public prosecutor Raja Rozela Raja Toran what Samirah’s expression was when he first saw her outside the house, Raju said she was crying and looked scared.

“One of the boys who lived in the house told me his father was in the room and ‘tomorrow (June 15, 2018) is Hari Raya’,” he said.

Raju also said that Samirah tried to storm into the room after he eventually opened the door.

“She kept screaming ‘my husband is in the room’ but I stopped her from entering because the room was on fire,” he said.

Samirah is charged with murdering Nazrin along with two teenage boys on June 14, 2018. Another suspect, Indonesian national Eka Wahyu Lestari, is still at large.

The hearing before High Court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman continues on Sept 20. – FMT

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