Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Public Entered House After Fire

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Deceased was a diehard fan of Arsenal football club.

A security guard told the Shah Alam High Court that the late Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan’s wife had questioned him how members of the public could have entered the house right after a fire broke out there last year.

Shafee: Did Samirah then ask you why you let them in and who they are?

Raju: Yes, she did. But I calmed her down and gave her the details of these people who had come. I had their licence plate number and registration details.

Raju Kumar Pandit, a Nepalese, said he was aware that individuals, especially from Arsenal fan club, had entered the house and placed flowers there.


“They came to the guardhouse and asked permission if they could go into the No. 12A house,” he said through an interpreter, when questioned by Samirah Muzaffar’s lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah on pictures of flowers and Arsenal jerseys found inside Nazrin’s home.

Raju added he also sent Samirah pictures of those from the football fan club.

Samirah and two teenagers were accused of murdering Nazrin on June 14, 2018. Another suspect in the murder, Indonesian national Eka Wahyu Lestari, is still at large.


Shafee also showed the witness several reports from Chinese dailies where photographers had entered the couple’s room to take pictures on June 14, 2018.

“They published this on June 15. This is the very next day (after the fire), it was published, that means reporters went up to take pictures and the body was still there,” Shafee told the witness.

“Do you know how reporters and cameraman were allowed in?”

To that, Raju said he did not know how the photographers entered the room.

On Shafee’s question about a notice from the Mutiara Homes residents’ association informing the security personnel on break-ins in the neighbourhood, the lawyer sought Raju’s confirmation that the notice was attached to the security guard’s 2016 logbook.

Raju, however, said he did not know about it.

Shafee, looking annoyed, pointing out to the witness that the notice was already in the three-year-old logbook.

He then walked to the witness stand and showed Raju the resident association’s notice inside the logbook.

The Nepalese said he do not know who attached the notice to the logbook.

High Court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman interjected and told Raju that he only needed to confirm the notice in the logbook.

“I’ve spent 20 minutes asking the witness to confirm the notice,” Shafee added.

The hearing will continue on Sept 27 after deputy public prosecutor Salim Soib @ Halim said the prosecution wished to reexamine Raju at the next hearing date.

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