Defend Tag Not Meant to Prevent Covid-19 Spread or Infection

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Antah Pharma Sdn Bhd has clarified that its product, Defend tag, does not claim to prevent the spread of Covid-19 nor is it a preventive device against potential infection of the virus.

Antah Pharma said in a statement that reports on social media claiming otherwise were misleading and untrue.

The statement added that the Defend tag utilised innovative technology combined with the proven efficacy of chlorine dioxide as an antimicrobial agent, making it effective against many known viruses and bacteria.

“Although Defend tag has been devised to provide an extra level of protection against airborne microbes, it is not a substitute for diligent personal hygiene, such as washing hands with soap and water and using sanitisers and face masks whenever necessary.

“As Covid-19 is a novel coronavirus, scientists around the world are still conducting extensive research to understand its characteristics. It is recommended to adhere to the guidelines prescribed by our Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, and to practise good personal hygiene and social distancing,” it added.