Deputy IGP: Claims of Weekend Racial Riots Untrue

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Claims of racial riots taking place this weekend are untrue, Deputy Inspector General of Police Mazlan Mansor said.

He said several audio recordings that have gone viral on social media claiming the racial riots will take place on Dec 7 and Dec 8 were created by unscrupulous parties with the intention of intimidating and provoking public outrage.

“As such, the police are advising the public not to use social media platforms and other communications networks to disseminate information that may provoke racial sentiments or touch religious sensitivity.

“The public is also advised to contact the police for verification purposes in the event of suspicious news,” he said in a statement tonight.

Mazlan said the police have issued a warning prohibiting the sharing and transmission of such news as it would affect the nation’s harmony and peace.

Recently several audio recordings claimed racist riots on Dec 7 and 8 will occur have gone viral telling people not to leave the house on those two days.