Dutch Model Might Have Been Dead Before Fall from Balcony, Says PI

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Private investigator Mark Williams-Thomas says it is possible given the lack of blood seen in the pictures of Ivana Smit’s body.


A private investigator hired by the family of Dutch model Ivana Smit has raised the possibility that she was already dead before she supposedly “fell” from the balcony of a condominium in Kuala Lumpur last December.

The latest information was in a report by private investigator Mark Williams-Thomas and criminal solicitor David Wells, which was sighted by FMT.

In summary, the report laid out how Smit could have been dead before her “fall”, and whom she last spoke to.

It said the lack of blood from the injuries sustained by Smit as a consequence of her fall suggested that she was already dead at that point.

“The picture of her lying on the balcony seen by the investigators shows no visible signs of bleeding,” the report said.

It added that there were bruises on Smit’s arms, which was consistent with the possibility that she had been grabbed.

“Bruising occurs within minutes of death so if the finger marks were caused when she was in Apartment 20, they were either caused when she was alive or within minutes of her death.”

The report also said Smit could have been unconscious due to the mix of a drug known as PMMA (paramethoxymethamphetamine), an amphetamine-based drug often sold as ecstasy.

“Her PMMA levels were high enough to have caused her death alone. Given the levels in her system, it is highly probable that at some point the PMMA, having been taken with other drugs including alcohol, resulted in her becoming unconscious,” it read.

Williams-Thomas said a full report had been presented to the Malaysian and Dutch authorities following a week of fact-finding.


“The full report contains highly sensitive information and photographs, which if released could interfere with any future homicide investigation or criminal proceedings. Therefore the full report will not be released,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The report also revealed that at about 6.45am, Smit had called her boyfriend while she was in the condominium.

“Luna Johnson (Smit’s friend) also called and spoke with Ivana’s boyfriend. This was unusual as they had never spoken before.

“At 7.18am, Ivana was online on one of her two phones and at 7.24am, a selfie was sent from one of these phones to her boyfriend – a picture of Ivana and Luna and with the caption ‘I’m still chilling at my chicks place. I love you.’”

Williams-Thomas and Wells also answered several questions surrounding Smit’s death:

Q: What are the possible explanations for Ivana Smit’s death? Could she have fallen inadvertently (whether intoxicated or otherwise)? Is it possible that while in an intoxicated state, Ivana Smit could have stumbled and fallen over the balcony?

A: Possible but highly improbable, given the pre-death injury to her head and bruising on her arm. It is therefore inconceivable that she stumbled and fell over the balcony.

Q: Could Ivana Smit have taken her own life?

A: CCTV footage of Wednesday night and Thursday morning showed nothing about Ivana Smit’s behaviour to give cause for concern or to suggest that she would consider taking her own life.

In the opinion of the report authors, this is inconsistent with the information they have collected from witnesses and they do not believe that Ivana Smit took her own life.

Q: Was Ivana Smit unconscious or dead before she went over the balcony?

A: Bruising to the back of Ivana Smit’s head was most likely caused prior to her death and so at some point before she went over the balcony. Bruising to her arms was consistent with, but not conclusive of, her having been grabbed. A shortness of blood among the injuries sustained by her as a consequence of her fall is suggestive that she was dead prior to the fall.

Smit moved to Malaysia at the age of three and lived with her grandparents in Penang for 13 years.

Smit’s family lawyer Sébas Diekstra told FMT that the Dutch Public Prosecution Service had initiated an exploratory investigation at the end of December.


“To this end, the Openbaar Ministerie (public prosecution service) is studying both the Malaysian and Dutch autopsy reports,” he said.

On Dec 7, Smit was said to have stayed with an American and his Kazakh wife at the couple’s unit on the 20th floor of CapSquare Residences near Jalan Dang Wangi.


Smit had gone out drinking with the couple in Bangsar before returning to their apartment.

Her body was kept at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mortuary for 21 days before being flown to Holland for cremation on Dec 30.

A second post-mortem by Dutch pathologist Dr Frank van der Goot found bruises on her upper arms, suggesting that a struggle had likely taken place before she fell over the balcony.

Her case was reopened by Dang Wangi police following claims of foul play by her family.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Mazlan Lazim said police had not stopped investigating since the case was reopened and were awaiting a toxicology report. – FMT

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