Ex-MIC Man’s Alleged Sexual Favours Case: Probe Stalled, Man Claims 60 Audios on Accused

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While investigations into the alleged solicitation for sexual favours by a former MIC leader have stalled because the victim has yet to lodge a police report, a man claims he has 60 audio recordings of telephone conversations implicating the alleged perpetrator.

  • The teacher from a vernacular primary school in Bestari Jaya re-assigned to desk duties
  • May lose his job if allegations proven true
  • Alleged to have coaxed mother of student to persuade daughter to have sex with him in exchange for job
  • Claimed he had several teenage girls whom he regularly has sex with
  • Boasted there are “many more on his waiting list”
  • Man claims accused had been set up for last 3 weeks, has 60 audio recordings on accused
  • Victim’s mother apparently refuses to lodge report to avoid embarrassment to family

At least 20 police reports have been lodged by groups linked to political parties and non-governmental organisations against the former MIC branch chairman in Kuala Selangor alleged to have solicited sexual favours from a student.

However, none of them is from the victim.

The police said this has hindered investigations, The Sun Daily reported.

“We need a report from the victim to proceed with the probe. To date, those who have made reports are ones who had come across the case on social media. We urge the woman to lodge a police report as we want to carry out a thorough probe. For now, we are unable to proceed with the case,” Selangor police CID chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat was quoted as saying.

Fadzil said the ex-MIC man was not detained but police received a report from him on Wednesday where he denied he was the person engaged in a telephone conversation with the woman.

The man teaches at a vernacular primary school in Bestari Jaya but tendered his resignation with the party soon after being reprimanded by the party’s leaders on Tuesday.

It is believed that he also apologised to the family of the girl.

In the audio recording which went viral on Tuesday, a man was heard coaxing the woman to persuade her daughter to have sex with him with the promise of employment.

In the audio file recorded by the woman on her cell phone, the man claimed that he had several teenage girls whom he regularly has sex with and that there are “many more on his waiting list”.

He also claimed those girls were given jobs and seats in universities, which he had arranged in return for the sexual favours.

It was reported that Deputy Education Minister Datuk P Kamalanathan said the teacher has been re-assigned to desk duties and can be sacked, while MIC treasurer-general Datuk Seri S Vell Paari said the teacher must face the full brunt of the law if the allegations are true.

Vell Paari also said that it was brought to his knowledge that the man was also caught making a similar indecent proposal to a student in 2014.

Meanwhile, a man has now come forward and claimed he has 60 audio recordings of the suspect.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, the man revealed that the alleged perpetrator had been set up for the last three weeks.

The man claimed to know the victim’s family. He said the woman in the telephone conversation in the audio clip is a single mother and although impoverished, managed to put her daughter through tertiary education.

“The girl found it difficult to get a job despite going for 20 to 30 interviews. This was when the family came across the accused, who promised to help out,” he said.

The man claimed that the suspect had asked for sexual favours about three weeks ago and the mother, who was angered by his attitude, had told him off.

He alleged that he convinced the victim’s mother to continue engaging with the suspect and every conversation was recorded to gather evidence against him.

The man then claimed that he sought help from a friend, who is the son of a senior MIC leader, and both agreed that action should be taken against the alleged perpetrator.

He also claimed that attempts were made to meet the suspect but the latter failed to turn up. This was until he showed up at the MIC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur recently.

However, when the perpetrator showed up, the victim’s mother refused to come forward or lodge a police report as she does not want the case to be highlighted in the media.

“She was worried that if the matter was reported, it would be highlighted in the media, causing embarrassment to the family. She told me to handle the matter,” the man said.

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