Ex-PNB CEO Jalil: I Quit Due to Displeasure over Where Things Were Going in PNB

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Jalil tweeted that the current smear campaign on his university degree was unnecessary, that his degree had never been a problem till now.

Former Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) CEO Jalil Rasheed said he resigned over professional issues at the government-linked company and said this should be the focus of discussion rather than his university qualifications.

“I resigned because I did not like where things were going. If somebody did not like me in return, could have just told me (nobody did directly), and I would have resigned. Easy,” he tweeted today.

“I was a professional who took my job seriously in wanting to bring professionalism into the firm

“Perhaps that focus should be the priority rather than harping on a CEO who has already resigned. Move forward please. I certainly have.


“One must ask the question why this relentless witch hunt? Why this smear campaign to discredit?” he added in more tweets.

Jalil, who previously served as CEO of Southeast Asia for Invesco Ltd, resigned on June 15 stating he and his family were being harassed.

He was the youngest chief of PNB and was appointed by Pakatan Harapan in October, replacing Abdul Rahman Ahmad.

His tenure was the shortest in the sovereign unit trust fund’s history.

Jalil’s qualifications came up in Parliament yesterday in response to an MP’s query.

A written reply from the Prime Minister said Jail was not a London School of Economics graduate, citing confirmation from the LSE.

Jalil, however, said this was a well-known fact and all his previous employers were in the know as they did background checks prior to hiring him.

He said in more tweets that he had studied as an external student, and this was known to all his previous employers and friends.

“Some proper checks would suggest why its UoL / LSE due to the way the colleges are arranged under the university.

“There are emails from the university confirming this but clearly some want to believe what they believe. Hope that clarifies. We need to understand the root cause why this is an issue in the first place. I graduated 17 years ago!”

Jalil tweeted that the current smear campaign on his university degree was unnecessary, saying those who did not like him while at PNB could have approached him directly.

He said his degree had never been a problem till now.

“In every job, background checks were conducted by third party firms, and cross checked with past employers.

“This whole thing has been unnecessary. As far as I’m concerned, good riddance,” he tweeted.

PNB manages savings of over 14 million Malaysians and is a major shareholder in Sime Darby, MayBank, SP Setia, UMW, Malaysian Reinsurance and Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Bhd (MIDF).

Former Bank Negara chairman Zeti Akhtar Aziz is currently PNB chairman. – TMI

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