Fake News That PM Fell

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Reversed sequence of photos used to spread fake news about Dr Mahathir.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is fine, contrary to a viral message featuring two photos which paint a picture that he tripped during prayers at Masjid Negara on Wednesday (Aug 22) morning.

The message, which is spreading on WhatsApp and Facebook, shows a picture of Dr Mahathir standing while an unidentified man holds his arm, followed by another photo of him bent over on the floor, supporting himself with his hands.

The message said that the Prime Minister had tripped in the mosque as he was “stressed out over various reasons”.

However, an aide close to Dr Mahathir debunked the fake news as “propaganda”.

“He did not trip…he is doing okay,” he was quoted as telling The Star.

In reality, the aide said that the sequence of pictures taken by blogger Minaq Jinggo was reversed, and the original sequence of photos show Dr Mahathir getting up after performing prayers.

Minaq Jinggo

“The photos were meant to tell the world that PM7 (the seventh prime minister, Dr Mahathir) is able to lift himself up without assistance. He is still very fit to do so even with little rest after the trip to China,” said the veteran photographer to The Star.