Gobind on What Is Being Done to Bring Jho Low Back, 37% Budget Cut for Prosecution Under AGC

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Gobind Singh Deo also wants to know why Jasa gets RM85.5 million, but RTM staff are paid late.

“I want to know what actions are being taken to get Jho Low back into the country. Why aren’t we hearing anything about this?” Gobind (PH-Puchong) asked when debating Budget 2021 in Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday (Nov 18).

He raised the matter in relation to the country’s current financial situation, saying it needs all manner of monetary resources to buoy the people through these trying times.

“When we are here, looking here and there to ensure that we have enough financial resources to reduce the rakyat’s burden during these trying times, what about the efforts to ensure that Jho Low is brought back to Malaysia, action be taken against him if he is found guilty, and more importantly regarding assets, which have been lost?” he asked.

“What are the actions and procedures involved to get Jho Low back instead of the Inspector-General of Police merely saying ‘please come back’,” he added.

Gobind also sought an explanation on why the allocation for prosecution division under the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) was reduced by 37% in Budget 2021.

He said that the allocation was slashed to RM9.8 million compared to RM15.5 million in last year’s budget, and there are concerns that this reduction would impact its work.

Gobind said this was baffling as the division is involved in prosecuting several high-profile cases, including that of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He said the government must explain the lower budget and why it proposed a RM85.5 million for allocation for the Special Affairs Department (Jasa).

Gobind also wondered why was it that staff of national broadcast station, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), have not received their salaries on time recently.

“I want to ask about the problems faced by piecemeal workers in RTM. We can see them facing delays in salary due to so-called ‘no funds’.

“But here, we see how a huge amount of RM85.5 million can be channelled simply to revive Jasa.

“So what are our efforts to encourage the existing staff in the ministry for them to do their jobs efficiently in conveying information to the nation especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period?”