HRDF Hanky-Panky Finally in the Hands of Police

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A significant portion of money belonging to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) had been misused by several individuals linked to the previous management for their personal gain.

  • Some directors collect more than RM2 million bonuses at expiry of two-year term
  • Chairman gets RM7,500 monthly allowance, RM2,000 meeting allowance
  • Directors paid RM4,000 monthly, RM2,000 per meeting
  • Other perks include first class air travel, hotel accommodation, subsistence allowance

With Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran committed to set things straight in the HRDF, the alleged hanky-panky in the organisation is finally out and in the hands of the police.

HRDF has been mired in issues such as poor corporate governance, irregularities and training programmes which time and again drew flak from employers.

On Saturday, the minister said police reports were lodged after investigations showed that funds amounting to millions of ringgit were used to buy property as well as pay salaries and hefty bonuses for selected employees.

It was previously reported that some of the board of directors would, on the expiry of their two-year term, collect in excess of RM2 million as bonuses.

The chairman gets a monthly allowance of RM7,500 and a meeting allowance of RM2,500.

The other directors, some senior government officials and others representing trade bodies and employers organisation, were paid a whopping director’s fee of RM4,000 per month each and an “attendance allowance” of RM2,000 per meeting.

Other perks included first class air travel, hotel accommodation and subsistence allowance when meetings are held out of Kuala Lumpur.

Kulasegaran said both civil and criminal action will be taken after the details were revealed by the HRDF’s Governance Oversight Committee (GOC) report.

“It was found that there were some elements of fraud in the use of the fund,” Kulasegaran said.

When asked if these people were still working with HRDF, the minister said some were while some have since resigned or retired.