IGP Laments Countries’ Lack of Cooperation in Bringing Back Jho Low

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Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador is frustrated with the lack of cooperation from authorities in countries where Jho Low is supposedly hiding.

He said he has tried his best to get Low back, before a self-imposed deadline by year’s end, but each time he spoke to his counterparts overseas he says he has been made to look like a fool.

“What we hope for when we contact these foreign authorities is a bit of cooperation. However, what we’re getting is a lot of denial or no help at all,” said Hamid today.

“I have written letters and met officials but for example, one counterpart when we asked outright refused to acknowledge his (Low’s) existence.

“We know where he has been going. We have details, documents and records of his travels but some countries said he is not there,” he said.

“All we ask for is some honesty and sincerity but we’re not getting it.”

This is despite there is an extradition treaty with the country.

Hamid, however, refused to reveal the country’s name.

He said with modern technology it is difficult to hide.

He said the police have up-to-date intelligence information on Low’s whereabouts but when they asked authorities in the said country, they would instead get the cold shoulder.

Hamid also gave the example of how they thwarted Low’s efforts to enter and buy a passport from Cyprus.

He added that they have a close eye on him still and would not allow him to continue to spend money he has stolen.

“We won’t keep quiet until we get him and his family that has stolen from our country.

Hamid also said based on the latest intelligence, Low was currently attempting to buy properties in several countries after his effort to purchase properties in Cyprus was exposed.

“And as for my foreign counterparts, when the time comes and they need our help, we will treat them the same way they are treating us now,” he said adamantly.

The IGP asserted that he would continue his effort to bring home Low.

“I will not give up and use every possible way to bring Jho Low back into the country to face the law,” he said.

Various reports have placed Low in China, Hong Kong, Macau, the United Arab Emirates and India. However, Malaysian police have dismissed these as fake.

Hamid previously said that Low was hiding on an island.