JJ’s Widow, Children to File Objection to His Mum’s Faraid Cert Application

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The widow and children of Jamaluddin Jarjis has intervened in his mother’s claim on his RM2.1 billion estate.

  • Widow and children already obtained faraid cert two years ago without mother’s knowledge
  • Assets comprise 22 landed properties, 21 bank accounts with a total of RM15 million, shares in 15 companies
  • Widow and children prepared to give mother only a paltry sum
  • Attempts to resolve the inheritance dispute failed
  • Aminah married to Jamaluddin’s father before they were divorced in 1954, she raised JJ with two other siblings from a later marriage

The widow and four children of former minister Tan Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis plan to file a preliminary objection against his mother’s application to obtain the faraid (Islamic wealth distribution) certificate on his estate, which is estimated to be worth more than RM2 billion.

Syariah lawyer Kamar Ainiah Kamaruzaman said the preliminary objection, which will be filed by Jamaluddin’s widow, Puan Sri Dr Kalsom Ismail, 62, and their four children – Ikwan Hafiz, 31, Nur Anis, 33, Nurul Alyaa, 27, and Noor Adilla, 23, – is aimed at striking out the application filed by his mother, Aminah Abdullah, 84, on March 2.

Abdullah Yusof

“The next case management is set for Oct 15,” she said after the case management proceeding before Syariah High Court registrar Siti Zulaiha Mohamad Mansor in chambers yesterday.

Kamar Ainiah, who represented Aminah, said the court also allowed the widow and children’s application to be the intervenors in Aminah’s application to obtain the faraid certificate.

Aminah did not make an objection to the application to intervene.

“The respondents gave notice that they had already obtained the certificate two years ago and so Aminah’s application is irrelevant,” Kamar Ainiah told FMT.

The lawyer said a copy was given to Aminah only after she filed an application early this year.

She said the five would also raise jurisdictional issues that said the Syariah court had no authority to hear company related matters.

Also present at the proceeding were Syariah lawyers Datuk Shamsuriah Sulaiman and Zuri Zabuddin Budiman, representing Kalsom and her children.

Aminah had filed the application to determine the division of the estate, left by the former Rompin Member of Parliament, amongst those that have rights to it.

Hafiz Yatim/Malaysiakini

The estate includes properties in Malaysia, the United States and Saudi Arabia, as well as several companies.

In total, the assets comprise 22 landed properties, mostly in Pahang and in the Klang Valley, 21 bank accounts with a total sum of more than RM15 million – including one account in the US – and shares in 15 companies.

Under Syariah law, if a deceased did not leave a will, the mother gets one-sixth of the estate’s assets, the wife gets one-eighth and the remainder is shared among the children. Male children get double the share of female children.

It is learnt the respondents were only prepared to give Aminah a paltry sum from her son’s properties.

Kamar Ainiah said several attempts were made to resolve the inheritance dispute but none had succeeded.

Aminah was married to Jamaluddin’s father before they were divorced in 1954 where she raised him with two other siblings from a later marriage.

Jamaluddin was a confidant of former prime minister Najib Razak, a former Ambassador to the United States, and had served as chairman of the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme.


Also an Umno Supreme Council member and the Rompin MP from 1990 until his death. he was killed on April 4, 2015, when the helicopter he was travelling in from Pekan, Pahang, en route to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in Kampung Sungai Pening, Semenyih, Selangor.

Also killed in the crash were the pilot, Captain Clifford William Fournier; former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s private secretary Datuk Seri Azlin Alias; businessman Datuk Tan Huat Seang; Jamaludin’s personal aide Razakan Seran; and a woman known as Aidana Baizieva.

The report on the investigation into the helicopter crash said it was the result of pilot negligence.

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