Ku Nan’s Alleged Toxic Take on Christians

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Hannah Yeoh demands apology while DAP youth tells Malaysians to reject “toxic” Ku Nan.

DAP’s Hannah Yeoh has demanded that Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor apologise for perpetuating “lies” about her party and Christians.

“It is appalling for Tengku Adnan, a federal minister to spread lies about the DAP and Christians,” Yeoh said in a statement.

She added that Tengku Adnan’s remarks showed the BN’s “hypocrisy” ahead of GE14.

“This is the very government which passed the anti-fake news law recently.  

Yusof Mat Isa

“This hypocrisy is the reason why Barisan Nasional cannot be entrusted with another term to govern and to brainwash civil servants with poisonous lies.

“It is no surprise we are where we are today as a nation because we have liars as Ministers,” she said.

The incumbent Subang Jaya assemblyman was referring to Tengku Adnan’s remarks at a groundbreaking event in Putrajaya on Saturday where he called DAP a “chauvinist party where most of its leaders are evangelists”.

“If they are Catholics I would believe them, but when they are evangelists, new Christians, this is the problem,” he said.

Yusof Mat Isa

“As a Federal Minister, he should guard his mouth and not be careless with words. We await his apology,” Yeoh added.

Tengku Adnan, popularly known as Ku Nan, also warned the Muslim civil servants to “be careful” of “evangelist leaders” in DAP, claiming they were the “backbone” of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) pact.

His speech was recorded on video and posted on his own Facebook page.

During the event, Tengku Adnan claimed that he, however, is not against other religions as Islam teaches him to respect the faith of others.

Meanwhile, DAP Youth wing’s assistant national publicity secretary Shakir Ameer Mohideen said that responsible leaders work to build bridges while irresponsible ones build walls to divide the people.

“At this point of his life and career, I would expect a veteran politician like Ku Nan to bring us together, rather than trying to break us apart just so he can get some media attention or votes,” Shakir said in a statement.

“Let us, as Malaysians, live in harmony and respect one another. Let us know who we are, and not let toxic politicians such as Tengku Adnan fool us into thinking we are somehow enemies,” he added.

“As a Muslim myself, it is very embarrassing to witness a Muslim leader making such horrible and poorly-considered statements.


“For many years, the Christian community in Malaysia has been targeted by extremists over unproven, fake allegations – and the latest statement by Ku Nan may just trigger another round of ‘attacks’ on the Christian community,” Shakir said.