Let MACC Chief Do His Job, Zahid Says

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Commenting on a viral video and photos allegedly implicating the MACC chief in an extramarital affair, Zahid said Dzulkifli should be given the chance to do his job and not be subjected to character assassination.

In the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, DAP’s Puchong MP Gobind Singh asked if it has been confirmed that the man in the viral video was indeed Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad and if there were other MACC officers who knew of his alleged trip to Bali with a woman whom he was supposedly pictured having an affair with.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi responded that Dzulkifli should be allowed to do his job without any more attacks on his character.

“As for the MACC chief, I can’t answer here, because to me that is an accusation. The video, which went viral, is something which its content is unknown to us. 

“However, I feel, give him a chance to serve as the MACC Commissioner, to carry out (enforcement) actions, and don’t subject him to character assassination,” Zahid said.

“I can’t give an answer now, because we have given the case to the AGC to do something according to the law, if a police report has been made,” he added.

Last month, after photos and videos of Dzulkifli went viral, he vowed to carry on his fight against graft, saying that he will not bow down or succumb to personal attacks and “dirty” allegations.


In an interview with local channel TV3, the embattled MACC chief described the allegations as “despicable”, saying it was aimed at tarnishing his reputation and to discredit the commission.

Inspector-General of Police Fuzi Harun announced last month that the police were investigating the allegation against Dzulkifli.

On Oct 16, a special task force was set up to monitor the investigations into the alleged offence under Section 498 of the Penal Code, which refers to enticing a married woman with the intent of having illicit intercourse and carries a punishment of up to two years’ jail, a fine, or both, upon conviction.

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