Macau: Jho Low Is Not Here

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Macau has disputed Malaysian authorities’ claim that Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, is hiding in the territory.


Security Secretary Wong Sio Chak said in a statement carried by the Macau News site that the local police “clearly” told the Malaysian authorities via China’s Interpol National Central Office in 2018 that Low is not in Macau.

The statement also said the Malaysian authorities breached international police cooperation practice by “unilaterally” releasing information claiming that Low is in Macau, “which is not true”.

The statement said the Malaysian police have not contacted its local counterparts since 2018.

Chinese officials on Wednesday denied they were harbouring Low, Reuters reported.

They dismissed the Malaysian police’s allegations that Low, had found safe harbour in Macau as the Chinese authorities “appeared insincere” about cooperating with requests for his extradition.

“He is there with all the filthy money,” Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador told AFP in a text message.

The Chinese embassy in Kuala Lumpur rejected the police chief’s accusations as “groundless and unacceptable”, saying police in China had investigated all possible leads but were unable to trace Low.

“The position of the Chinese government on combating crime is consistent and clear-cut,” it said in a statement.

“China does not and will never shelter foreign criminals.”