Man Behind Mat Sabu Affair Allegation Not an Amanah Member

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Decrying smear tactic, Amanah mulls legal action against trio.

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) says it will consider taking legal action against three alleged party members for their claims that party president Mohamad Sabu, known as Mat Sabu, was having an extramarital affair.

Amanah deputy secretary-general Abang Ahmad Kerdee Abang Masagus said the party will wait until the trio’s 36-hour deadline was over to see what other documents they would reveal.

Three men, led by spokesman Rizal Bakar, held a press conference Thursday (May 3) to display screenshots of “saucy” WhatsApp conversations and two audio clips containing flirtatious conversations between whom they claimed was Mat Sabu and an unidentified woman.

Hafiz Sohaimi

The WhatsApp conversation purportedly took place in July last year.

Rizal said that these were left on his car’s windscreen about a week ago.

At their press conference on Thursday, the three – claiming to be Amanah grassroots members – gave Mat Sabu 36 hours to give his clarification on the issue.

In an immediate reaction, Mat Sabu was quoted by news portal FMT as saying that he was not surprised by the allegations and that it “happens at every general election.”

Speaking on Mat Sabu’s behalf at a media conference today, Ahmad said all of the trio’s allegations were false.

“All of the allegations made by the three men were fake and they are all slander. They are not even PAN members. We believe the person who claimed to be Rizal Bakar has malicious agenda against PAN.

Azneal Ishak

“We’ve checked our party membership data and the only person whose name is Rizal Bakar is in Selangor, not Kuala Kedah and the real Rizal Bakar said he was not involved in the press conference,” Ahmad said.

He also said they had found several discrepancies in what Rizal was recorded as saying, at the press conference, on a video by Agenda Daily.

“At 16.36 minutes, he says he is a member of ‘PAN’. Amanah members never use the term ‘PAN’, we refer to the party either by its full name or Amanah.

“At 18.31 minutes, he says he’s from the Kuala Kedah division. We do not have a Kuala Kedah division, we have a Kuala Kedah branch.”

Ahmad, who is a lawyer, noted that Rizal had said yesterday he would have another press conference in 36 hours.

“By our calculations, that means the next press conference will be tomorrow at 3am,” he added.

He urged Rizal to give his real name at the next press conference as well as the names of the other two men.

“Maybe he has a Mohammad in his name. Please provide proof of your real name.”

He also suggested that Rizal prepare a script before the next press conference.

“As lawyers, we will be paying very close attention to everything that comes out of his mouth.”

Ahmad added that the allegation could be a tactic to divert attention from GE14.

“It’s intended as character assassination (on Mat Sabu),” he said.

He said that if it was true that the trio were Amanah members, they could have gone to the party first with the allegation before going public with it.

The party will look into taking legal action against the trio since posing as Amanah members was an offence, he said.